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Will there be a zombie apocalypse in the next few years?


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November 24, 2011 12:42AM

most likely

Becuse it is possible for a Zombie Apocalypse to happen within the next few years but I doubt it because you cannot reanimate dead tissue. However there can be an advanced form of rabies that makes people act like zombies, or there could be a virus created for war purposes but it may get out of control and spread throughout the Earth. so there are many ways for a Zombie Apocalypse to happen.

I for one will survive because of the amount of things around my house I can use for weapons such as swords. WHEN it happens feel free to call 0403938682 for safety and protection. However I can only protect you if you live in New South Wales in Australia.

If you do then it will be your lucky day. See you then.