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In Metaphysics: Yes, time travel already is a reality. If time travel were not a reality, how then did we get suspended here in this temporal dimension of time and space? Time exists as a polar opposite to eternity, an opposite and equal reaction to time. This is evident when we try to measure the immeasurable universe.

Time travel in our perception would imply rifts in the space-time continuum, causing a paradox, much like that seen in the movies "Back to the Future" and "Minority Report". Time travel is a reality according to Einstein's theory of relativity, where the faster an object travels, the slower time goes. Simply put, this is only possible with exponential proportions of speed, resulting in an explosive force that causes the matter traveling to turn into energy at the speed of light squared--this is to say that matter is what is traveling through time and space.

If time travel ever became a reality for people, wouldn't we already known it by the rifts being caused? Let's say 1,000 years from now someone comes back to this time or to a time before this; we certainly would have historical records of the person that traveled through time; because they may even be pictured or written in history books!

In The Bible: Apparently, time travel must be possible in order for the Bible to stand true, because the religious leaders said, "We are the children of Abraham." And Jesus responded, "I tell you the truth, before Abraham was, I AM." In a manner that truly defies space and time. In this case, this man is, was, and will always be the timeless man who defies the laws of nature; also, in order for people to see the future and write it down as prophecy, time travel must therefore be possible for this to work.

Changing the events of prophecy, such as Nineveh with Jonah predicting their doom, is also apparent. This city turned to God and the prophecy of doom was taken back, and they were forgiven. This idea gives us a paradox of what would have happened had they not turned to God and the city was destroyed; certainly some people alive today would have then not been born! Time travel would therefore be too dangerous for us humans to play with.

In Physics: It is an observation that two watches synched to exactly the same time, will show variations to the thousandth of a second when one watch is sent with a pilot at incredible speeds for a set duration on a fighter jet. However, this is barely measurable or even notable in our standards of "time." Nevertheless, if you had a hypothetical time machine, you could travel at a great speed and come back to earth thousands of years later, and only minutes would have passed in your relative dimension of "time." (But you'd have to travel precisely to the location earth would be in those thousands of years later... since earth is traveling through space! It's a long shot).

Einstein proved with his theory of relativity that time travel is possible, but it's only scientifically proven to be able to travel forward in time.

In conclusion, the only historical evidence of significant time travel is recorded in the Bible, since Jesus must have that power in order to be who he claimed to be--and in order for the prophets to obtain knowledge of the future to precision. This brings many questions to mind about paradoxes and destiny.

In the television series "Heroes", Hiro can travel through time and space, even stop time--this is an interesting concept for those who wish to change the past or see what the future holds.


Answer1, two parts:

a) Time travel into the past probably never will be, but if it does happen, it will be only possible to "watch", and not interact or change things. Although this has not yet been proven, there are plenty of logical paradoxes that have been thrown up by time travel thought experiments that should convince us that this is the case.

b) Time travel into the future is possible now. Travelling through space at high speeds means you also travel through time as well, although you only move forwards in time by small amounts unless your speed approaches that of light. The astronauts that went to the moon travelled forwards in time by a few seconds, i.e. the atomic clocks they took with them slowed by a few seconds, and the astronauts aged a few seconds less than they would have on earth.

The answer 2 below is not incorrect (and this answer does not contradict it) - it's just that the further forwards in time you want to go and the faster you want to get to that future, time both get exponentially more difficult and expensive, because the power required gets exponentially great the faster in space you go because your mass increases exponentially towards infinity. If a cheap source of power is found to propel an ordinary space ship towards light speed, it would take a long time to get near to light speed, then time travel forwards will become commonplace.


According to Einstein, time travel is not possible. We know that E=M(C*C). That is Energy = Mass into square the speed of light in vacuum speed of light in vacuum.

Suppose we invent a machine for time travel and as we reach the speed of light, think of the energy needed to move the machine forward.

i.e.: E=M(C*C)

As the speed increases, the energy required to move the machine forward also increases and it is directly proportional to the fuel required as we near the speed of light; the energy required becomes nearly infinity and the fuel required to push the machine forward also nears infinity. But, the resources available right now in finite, so logically, time travel is not possible.

Answer 3: Food for thought.

I recall news announcements a few years back about a spaceship that was being built. It was past the theory of warping space to be able to travel to Mars, I think, in only hours. I seem to recall it was a European country?. If true perhaps this will mean time travel is indeed likely.

There was an article on that described this, but has now been removed it seems. It was based on something called a Z particle. And it is USA not Europe sorry.

After all, what man dreams today is tomorrows reality.

I think we all are travellers in time. Time and space, as I see it are being created at the border of the known universe. The bigger the universe becomes, the more space is created. In order to travel through space time is required. We think of speed as distance per time. I would like to turn this upside down and make time per distance of it. Now if one would like to travel faster than time, one would have to travel at less than zero seconds per distance! This implicates back in time. As E equals MC square, the energy added to increase speed would be converted to mass. I don't think time travelling is practicable.

The answer above is practical. Talking more, it is actually possible to travel time. Relativity claims that time is another dimension, so like any other dimension it is possible to break the barrier of time too. The theory states that anything faster than light can travel time. But again the problem is the theory itself. It states (by equation E=MC2) that as the speed tends to increase the mass required to keep the speed increases and proportionately the energy required to power the body too increases. Thus by the speed of light the mass turns infinite and thus the energy turns infinite too. It is impossible to achieve infinite energy thus it is impossible to travel time. Ha, ha, ha, what a catch to the theory right. But the law doesn't stop using Tachyons which always travel faster than light. But Tachyons can only be used for information.

No it can not be done because it passes on and that is just the way it goes.

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Q: Will time travel ever become a reality?
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