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Will vitamins help an 18 yr old girls hair that is falling out?

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== == == == It depends why it is falling out. 18 year old have a lot of stress, exams, college, relationships etc, so it is probably something like that making the hair fall out if their is no physical reason. Vitamins may help, and they certainly shouldn't hurt, but 'chilling' over the summer will probably help. your may also watch what you eat, some time beside stress the shampoo you are using can cause hair loss. Should you decide to take any vitamins it better to check with your doctor and find out what is causing this problem. This will help with getting the right treatment.

2008-09-20 01:15:07
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What vitamins help strengthen hair or help hair?

Biotin vitamins,supports skin and hair health.

Do prenatal vitamins help hair grow fast?

Yes, they even help with skin texture and nails. But, there have been strange talks about great loss of hair after you stop taking them. Because these usually prevent hair from falling.

How do you stop hair falling?

vitamins. i forgot which kind but i think its vitamin k. it makes your hair grow too not just stop it from falling out. eating with a healthier, balanced diet can also help. Stress will make you bald! believe me !

How can you stop hair from falling out after you have a baby?

Losing hair after having a baby is normal thing, and you should not worry to much about it. It usually stops after six months. However, you can take some vitamins that can help hair regrowth. You can find a list of these vitamins below in the related links section.

Was Greasy hair now dry hair?

In order to have healthy hair you need to be getting the right vitamins from diet or supplementation. Some of the more important vitamins that will help with hair are B-Complex vitamins and vitamins A, C and E.

What vitamins are for hair growth?

Eating a well-balanced diet that contains all of the essential vitamins can help maintain your good hair health. Although there is no evidence to suggest that individual vitamins can encourage the hair to grow faster, deficiencies in specific vitamins can lead to hair loss or thin, brittle hair. Consuming enough of each vitamin in the diet may help keep the hair healthy. The following vitamins support hair growth: vitamins D vitamin E B complex vitamins

Do prenatal vitamins help hair grow?


Do pregnancy vitamins help your hair grow?

heck no

Can hair vitamins help your hair grow faster?

Yes, hair vitamins can help your hair to grow longer, faster. If you are interested in helping your hair grow, try taking protein supplements. Some people even take prenatal vitamins because it helps them feel better, and also helps to keep their hair and nails healthy.

Does Vitamin A help your hair grow?

yes vitamins are required for some hair growth

What vitamins might help prevent hair loss in men?

Vitamins A, E and B are supposed to help prevent hair loss in men. Most times hair loss is hereditary and there isn't much that can be done for that except hair plugs.

What vitamins help with hair growth?

The main vitamins that can result with faster hair growth is B complex vitamins. B complex vitamins are vitamins such as folic acid and insositol. Also, something good to think about when wanting to promote faster hair growth is to remove stress from your life.

What vitamin helps your hair grows?

all vitamins help

do certain vitamins fight hair loss?

Yes, there are vitamins you can take that will help in preventing and slowing down hair loss. Most vitamins in the B family, including B5 and B9, will help with scalp circulation, and vitamin E will help with keeping your scalp moist to allow hair to grow easier and faster.

How can you help hair falling?

You have to eat well and also have a good hair oil .

What types of hair loss vitamins can I get online?

There are not any hair loss vitamins that you would be able to get. However, I would recommend using hair restoration techniques that will help you to grow your hair back.

What are the most effective hair loss vitamins?

The family of B vitamins is very important in having healthy hair. Biotin is extremely good for hair growth and will help maintain healthy hair.

What are some vitamins for hair growth?

It is normal for hair to fall out after having a baby. After approximately a year your hair should be back to normal. To help in the process, complex B vitamins, vitamin c, zinc and vitamin E may help with the hair loss.

Where can I find vitamins for hair loss in women online?

This is a good website to help with your hair loss; It has tips on the subject of the matter too(if you are interested)

Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options ?

Hair loss treatment options vary. Natural treatments can be as effective as expensive creams or ointments. Vitamins are very helpful for growing hair. B vitamins can help stop some hair loss. The vitamin B6 contains many nutrients such as magnesium, biotin and sulfur, which helps grow hair and stops it from falling out. B vitamins can be taken in the form of a various foods such as wheat germ, whole grains cereals, and fish. Vitamin A, C and E are also important vitamins for hair growth because they are powerful antioxidants.

What can I do to encourage hair growth?

Rogaine is a god method to try to help with hair growth. There are certain hair, skin and nails vitamins out there to also help improvve the health of your hair.

What vitamins help your hair and nails to grow?

yes multivitamins and silica supliments drastically help

Can centrum help with hair loss?

Centrum multivitamins do not necessarily help with hair loss. Eating foods with more B vitamins, along with Centrum multivitamins can help hair growth.

What vitamins make your hair grow faster?

Vitamins that contain biotin and folic acid are good to use to make your hair grow faster. Other vitamins that help include vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron.

Will it help if you give a hamster who is losing its hair special vitamin for the water?

You can put special vitamins in the water but it may not help with the hair loss.