Will water temperature effect plant growth?

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hot water grows slower than cold water.
Hot water can kill a plant by causing cell damage. Very cold water will do the same.

cold because it more fresh
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Does salt water effect plant growth?

Yes Salt alone is not harmful to plants. However, how much salt a plant gets can affect it. Plants die when you water them with salty water because they lose water and shrivel up. Cells in general gain and lose water by the process called osmosis . I'm sure you've had the experience of getting wrin ( Full Answer )

How does tap water effect plant growth?

Tap water typically contains minerals and nutrients that aregood for plants. Bottled water has these filtered out before it issold and city water contains chlorine (for example) to help killbacteria which is harmful for plants. The "tap water" differs in different parts of the world. Countriesin tr ( Full Answer )

Effect of temperature on microbial growth?

Answer \n. \nMicrobes grow in warm temperatures. But there is a limit, they need an optimum temperature to grow best.\n. \n \n. \n \n. \n Not Exactly \n. \nBacteria have an optimal temperature for growth, yes, but the temperature varies with the microbe. \n. \nBacteria are split into cl ( Full Answer )

How do different amounts of water effect plant growth?

Answer . If there is too little moisture for the seeds, then they won't even germinate. Too much water will cause the roots to rot (at least in "regular" plants and not those specifically adapted to waterlogged soil) or will actually suffocate the roots. To grow plants, the proper amount of moist ( Full Answer )

How does the temperature of water affect the growth of a plant?

Answer . Yes it does. The hottest the water is, the fastest the plant will die. This needs a little explanation. As you know the roots under the ground are still weak and not strong at all. So the cells that made up the roots are still young. When you give hot water, it will kill it, because the ( Full Answer )

Does chlorinated water effect plant growth?

Chlorine is considered a micro-element inplant growth and is required in small amounts for normal plantmetabolism. However, applied or absorbed in high concentrations itcan burn, damage or even kills plants. Chlorine is toxic to most plants at levels exceeding 350 ppm (partsper million), some more ( Full Answer )

Does temperature affect the growth of plants?

Temperature absolutely affects the growth of plants, so the answer to the question is yes . Use the link below and it will lead you to a post that helps you understand this.

Does soapy wast water effect the growth of plants?

Not exaclty, i have tried this before. I watered one with normal water and one with soapy water. The soapy watered one wasn't very effected. In fact, it is still living(: and the normal watered one is too. but there really isn't much of a difference between the two of them. So yes, soapy water does ( Full Answer )

How does temperature effect the growth of bacteria?

bacteria grows best at warm temperatures. it has been proved. but if it gets too high (cooking temperatures) it may be killed. that probably has been proved but i am not aware. hope this help. i

Do different types of water have an effect on plant growth?

Here are some different opinions from our community: The answer to this question is a resounding yes! The differentminerals can affect the growth of different plants very much. Theminerals and pH level of the water will contribute to the soilcontent, which is the most vital part of the plant's envi ( Full Answer )

How do detergents effect plant growth?

The detergent does affect plant growth because the detergent has too much chemicals that are very poisonous to the plant! ->Tatiana

Why does sound effect plant growth?

1. For decades, people have been experimenting with music and plant growth. Many amateur plant growers claim that classical music works better than loud rock and roll and heavy metal. So far, scientific studies have not backed up this claim. No one has proven that plants prefer one kind of music to ( Full Answer )

Does temperature affect the growth of a plant?

Yes, temperature does have an affect on the growth of a plant. If the temperature reaches a certain temperature such as -7 degrees grass will freeze, but not die. If the temperature reaches a high of 120 degrees grass's water will evaporate and the plant WILL die from dehydration . It is muc ( Full Answer )

How does the temperature of water affect plant growth?

Within a certain temperature range, there should be no difference. Though I suppose if you are planning to water your flowers with boiling water, just hope you don't damage the roots or something.

Does temperature effect mold growth?

Yes, temperature affects mold growth. The warmer the temperaturesare, the faster the mold can grow. Mold can grow on anything.

Does different water tempersture effect plant growth?

Water should never be freezing or boiling when you water plants, it could damage the roots but warm water is sometimes very effective, especially with houseplants during the winter. Hibiscus, for example, likes to have warm water during the winter months.

How does temperature effect plant growth?

It depends on the type of plant. There are some plants that thrive in incredibly warm temperatures, like a cactus, and some that are just the oppisite. Your question needs to be more specific.

Does softened water or bottled water effect plant growth?

It depends on the plant and on the klimate the plant originate from. Some orkids can only survive with softened water, others cant survive without alot of calcium in the water(tap-water) - and in a less extreme variant it is the same with all other plants. Most rainforest-plants like demineralis ( Full Answer )

What does salt water effect on plant growth?

Salt water has more salt and as a result, the hardness of the water is more. When the roots absorb the water, the salt, which in itself is a solid, gets in more and as a result, the minerals essential for the growth is not provided. So, for these minerals, the roots try to do more work but, the plan ( Full Answer )

Why is the temperature affecting the growth of plants?

Because some plants are from different places. EXAMPLE: a plant from Texas can't go to Alaska answer: The plant from Texas would die because of such the big difference between the heat in Texas and the cold in Alaska.

Does gray water effect plant growth?

Well, that question has two answers... If the water is just gray with food coloring, no. If the water is actually dirty, it will affect most plants.

Does Bleach effect plant growth?

Bleach is very toxic if not properly diluted, and can easily kill any plant. But, when added to water (about 3 table spoons to 1 gallon, OR what ever brings the PH levels to a neutral reading ) can actually help plants in many ways. First by balancing the PH, it helps the plant to avoid many types ( Full Answer )

Does water temperature effect plants and animals?

sometimes.... if the water is too hot, it may make the animal get a burn in throat or mouth or the plant my burn or die... otherwise it doesn't matter as long as the plant or animal gets hydrated to live

What are the effects of temperature on plant growth?

Lower temperatures equal slower metabolism and slower growth. Conversely extremely high temperatures (over 35 degrees Cecilius) also cause plant metabolism to slow (again resulting in retarded growth). The "Optimal" window for plant growth is considered to be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius; thi ( Full Answer )

Does soda have the same effect on plant growth as water?

Soda may produce a hypertonic environment, which would cause plant cells to lose water and wilt. Certain types of soda, such as Coca Cola and Sprite, in fact, have a negative effect on plants! We all know that plants need water and carbon dioxide to live, but soft drinks cause infection to plants by ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of flavored water on plant growth?

The plannt will grow a small amount but it doesnt effect it in a way that there will be large amounts of growth from the plant. Although it may depend on what the type of flavoured water is.

Do water effect plant growth?

yes, water is important for plant growth. It provides nutrients for the plant, but too much water causes turgor pressure and that means that the plant's cells swell up. This is why too much water can kill a plant. Not enough water causes the plant's cells to shrink which can also cause death.

What effect does the amount of water have on plant growth?

If a plant's soil has too much water , the roots can rot, and the plant can't get enough oxygen from the soil. If there is notenough water for a plant , the nutrients it needs cannot travel through the plant .