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yes for temporary relief and slim look however you could only wear some much in a day how long you have lower Back pain could be other problem created by it.

Stronger abdominal muscles will assist with strengthening your lower back as well as improve your posture. You should see a doctor to make sure nothing serious is causing your back problems. Stretches and exercises are also helpful with lower back pain. The website below shows different ways to relieve back pain.

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Q: Will wearing a corset help you if you have lower back pain and bad posture?
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Types of posture?

Kyphosis Lordisis Flat Back posture Sway Back posture Scoliotic posture Hope it helped :)

How do you remove lower back pain?

I will tell you how to overcome the lower back pain 1.Doing daily exercise 2. You have to reduce your body Weight 3.Posture when standing 4.Posture when sitting 5.Lifting things 6. you have to avoid Long term driving

Why would your lower back hurt?

bending over too much could be a reason also bad posture

If you have lower back pain how do you get rid of belly fat?

Try wearing a back brace, and go for a walk.

Can Wheat intolerance cause lower back pain?

For sure, improper digestion and the bloating that is associated with it can cause your lower back to come out - especially if you are already have a predisposition to lower back pain (due to poor posture, tight hamstrings, poor flexibility etc).

Do corsets help back problems?

Yes you can use a back corset to help with back problems.

List two factors that contribute to good posture?

1. A strong lower back and spine 2. Proper development in abdominal muscles ## Then comes the role of other muscles in proper posture

What are some of the causes of chronic lower back pain?

Some causes of chronic lower back pain are arthritis and improper posture. Other causes may be daily strain on the lower back muscles, for example from too much lifting, and sometimes a ruptured disc.

Can kneeling posture chairs really help alleviate lower back pain?

Not usually because your back needs to be laid back and relaxed while your not kneeling down anyway.

What are the common causes of back pain and how can you prevent them?

Bad posture, unsuitable bed, wearing shoes, and sitting too much, are common causes of back pain. This can most likely be solved by getting better posture at all times, getting a bed better for you specificly, wearing shoes less often(and/or you could get "barefoot shoes"), and stand more often.

What is a corset piercing?

A corset piercing is multiple piercings along the sides of the back, using CBRs (captive bead rings). They can be laced up using ribbon, giving the look of a corset, hence the name. :)

What is a ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs are optimized for preventing disorders such as cervical spondylosis, back pain, bad posture, and poor blood circulation.

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