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Those who believe in heaven believe that it is so wonderful that nobody can ever get bored. Heaven is supposed to be so divine that it is all-wonderful and completely indescribable.

If you get bored in heaven, your God is too small. Expand your concept of God. When you are with a person who has all the attributes of God, wise, loving, holy, gracious etc., will you get bored?

It really depends on what you believe. I believe that when we go to heaven we will be busy being missionaries to people who never got to hear about the true church, and other important things.

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Contrary to some popular beliefs, Human beings use 100% of their brains, but not all at once. It stands to reason that eternity will allow us to access all 100% of our minds all of the time, thus giving us new knowledge of the universe. I doubt we are going to be sitting on rocking chairs and passing eternity by with nothing to do, explore or learn. Boredom is a concept of earthly terminology meaning having nothing to do or doing nothing of interest. Eternity will be filled with much activity but that is not limited to merely a Heaven or earth.Eternity is a long time. Being bored there doesn't even compute.

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The answer quite simply is no. You will not be bored in Heaven. But what you will be doing there depends on which "Heaven" you are referring to. Upon death, the spirits of all men are taken to the Spirit World. The spirit world, or the world of the spirits is comprised of two places, prison and paradise or heaven and hell. But this is only an intermediate state where we are separated from our bodies and awaiting the Resurrection. Those who go to this heaven or paradise will be, as the first answer mentioned, doing missionary work to the spirits in Hell or prison. The spirits in hell are they because they did not accept Christ in this life. There are many people in the world that never even hear the name of Christ, but there they will have the chance to learn about Him and accept Him.

Then comes the Resurrection and the Judgment. Those who inherit Heaven or the Celestial Kingdom after the judgment are definitely not going to get bored.
Romans 8:17 teaches us that we can become "joint-heirs with Christ". And Hebrews 1:2 tells us that Christ was "appointed heir of all things". So what does that mean? If Christ is heir of all things, and we can be joint-heirs with him, then we are the heirs of all things. Simply put, all that the Father has.

In this life we grow up to become like our parents. Babies grow up to be adults and do adult things. Puppies grow up to be full grown dogs. Bear cubs grow up to become bears. Likewise, "we are the children of God" (Romans 8:16), and thus we can become like him. That is what we will be doing in Heaven. We will be doing the same things that God is currently doing, and we will become like him.

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Anyone who's going to go there won't be. You'll be worse than bored if you go to the other place.

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You should start by considering those things that will make you bored in this physical existence, which only lasts for approximately ninety (90) years and then compare them to the place called heaven. It is like having Christmas every day for the next billion years with the same activities every single day, the same food and the same environment.

The basic fact of life is that we measure pleasure against pain. If we have no sadness then there is nothing to be compared and to therefore interpret happiness. During our short lifetime on this earth we experience many challenges as we grow through each phase of life and this keeps us going. But the most miserable time is that which is spent at a beautiful (heavenly) retirement home. If there are no thrills in life "no roller-coaster ride" then we simply become couch-potatoes watching others enjoy the ride.

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If I enjoy sex, beer, hot Pizza (it's cold in heaven, no heat) skydiving, snorkeling, hard rock, (no loud music aloud in heaven), riding my dirt bike, shooting pool and the likes, I would surely be bored in heaven. Besides, I don't want to go to Heaven; I'll miss all my friends.

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It all comes down to what you believe really. The more you believe the more happiness will enter your soul, the less you believe in Him the more happiness will leave your soul and space would be occupied by boredom, hate, and sorrow. So if you wish to be happy and carefree then believe, if you want to be bored and miserable then don't believe.

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Heaven is just that. It's a place where everything is perfect. There' are no tears or hate or pain of any sort. It's spending an eternity in the joy and love of Gods presence. I don't think the concept of boredom could ever really even enter ones mind when you think about it. How can you have such joy and be bored?

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Heaven can be whatever you want it to be.

Heaven is a place for you to discover. Heaven is where there is peace and good.

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There is no such place so no you won't get bored

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In virtually all of western thought concepts of heaven include a culture-bound, powerful but not necessarily correct assumption that being in heaven will involve the continuing of each person's consciousness, personality, knowledge and self-awareness. It makes sense that people would resist the idea of giving up anything that makes one 'unique'. Think of your favorite television program, and heaven is like 'the next season!' Earth-II. It is possible that this is immature thinking. I have strong enough doubts that heaven exists, but if it does it is not going to be filled with all the things that trip us up on earth. They are the things we consider most precious; they are so precious in fact that we don't even consider them as things that we may be called upon to relinquish-- our individuality, will and self-absorption. So I think that heaven, if real, will not be a boring place at all but a place of complete oneness. Perhaps it is hell that is filled with individuals who cannot consider their uniqueness as something that must be put aside.

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Most people believe when they die they go to heaven. When ask what you will do in heaven most reply with different guesses. Whats loving about our Heavenly Father is that he never leaves us wondering about things like this. Rev 5:9,10 shows us what those who have a heavenly hope will do, it says" And they sing a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you BOUGHT PERSONS for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to RULE AS KINGS OVER THE EARTH." Rev 14:1-4 shows the number of priest who go to heaven is limited to only 144,000 who are bought from the earth. Luke 12:32 refers to this group as a "little flock." So these ones have the privilege of working with Jesus ruling as kings over the earth. The purpose for any government or kingdom is to keep order and peace among its subjects or people. So this select group will be very busy in helping Jesus Christ himself to restore the earth back into a earthly paradise which is Jehovahs original purpose. John 10:16 makes a very distinct separation of those who have the heavenly hope and those who have a earthly hope when it says "And I have OTHER SHEEP, which are NOT of this fold; those also I must bring, and they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock, one shepherd." These other sheep are ones who will be earthly subjects on a restored paradise earth being guided by Christ Kingdom Rule. So ones who do go to heaven will NEVER get bored at all!

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Some believe that Jakov and Vicka, the Medjugorje visionaries are the only two human beings in the history of the world who were physically in body, taken by the hand by the Holy Virgin Mary, to Heaven, Purgatory and hell. The most amazing description I have ever heard was from the visionary that saw heaven herself. "…it can't be described. That is something beyond description. It is filled with some sort of beautiful light…people…flowers…angels…All is filled with some indescribable joy. Your heart stands still when you look at it." Read more about it and see for yourself!

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This depends on our concept of heaven. If we look at the way heaven is portrayed in the Book of Revelation, with angels and saints sitting around endlessly singing praises to God, we could easily imagine this becoming boring very quickly. In fact it is hard to imagine a heaven that would not be boring, unless we place some challenges -which means risks and failures - into our notion of heaven. But then it would not be heaven, at least as generally understood.

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Q: Will you be bored in Heaven?
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