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Will you be denied coverage for alcohol abuse?

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I would call several companies at random, including the company you are applying at. I would pose as a potential future member and give no identifying information. If they ask for anything such as a phone number, a social security number or anything else than can identify you, simply say that you are not currently a member and want some basic, general information. This will give you your answer without jeopardizing your insurance coverage. If you lie on your application, however, and are caught, you will probably be canceled immediately and will find it difficult to get insurance. On the other hand, if you find that you won't get insurance at all without lying, you may feel it necessary because you won't have any insurance for anyone to cancel. From what I've seen in the company manuals, you're OK if you have 5 or more years in recovery.

If less and you're in Calif. there's always the Major Risk Plan.

If you belong to a group of 2 or more - no problem. I would never advocate lying on an application. (I'm an insurance agent).

What is "alcohol abuse"? If you have sought treatment, or your doctor has suggested you seek treatment this information will be in your medical records. If your spouse has told you that you drink too much, but there's nothing from a medical professional in your records you're ok.

If there's nothing in your records, but they find alcohol in your blood when they do the exam you've got a problem.

I suggest you call different ones and ask preexisting conditions questions. If you have sought treatment and are sober there are different periods of sobriety they will have to give you a "standard" rate.

If you are denied coverage, you can choose some offshore center where no insurances are ever accepted, and much effective treatment is given for the same price.

Answer 2: Get the professional help you need beforehand. Alcohol abuse is an illness and one needs professional help to break free. Alcohol abuse can damage the brain, the heart, the liver and the stomach. Abuse of alvohol can harm us physically, morally, and spiritually and The Bible states that drunkards will not get everlasting life. 1 Corinthians 6:9,10.

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Depends on type of coverage, but it is possible to be denied.

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