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Although the legal age of majority in almost every state is at least 18, many teens leave the family home w/o parental permission or going through an emancipation process. This is not a situation where the police intervene unless the minor's parents file a report or there is some other incident which would cause authorities to become involved. Much depends on the individual themselves and if they are able to live their life w/o adult intervention. A seventeen years old can be mature enough to conduct their own affairs. However, by law they cannot enter into a legal contract, which makes it difficult for them to earn enough to support themselves, find a place to live and continue their education. Some factors that could play a significant part in any action that might be taken are, obviously the parents or legal guardian's response, the state's compulsory education laws, where the person is going to live, and the reason for moving from the family residence.

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Q: Will you get into trouble with the police if you move out at 17 if you have graduated high school?
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