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Custody will only be affected if the step-parent is an unfit parent, abuses the child, or is a registered sex offender.

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Q: Will you getting married to someone other than your kids father affect child support or custody?
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Can a legally married man have to pay child support?

If you are married to the mother, no. Then you share everything naturally. But if you have a child and you are separated or not married to the mother, and you do not have custody of the children, you have to pay child support

Can someone with temporary custody of a child get child support for that child?


What rights does a father have to my baby if he is married to someone else and we were never married basically he committed adultery when my child was conceived and i was unaware that he was married?

He has the same rights as any other father, the fact that he was married to someone else is irrelevant. But since you were not married he needs to establish paternity in court so he can petition for visitation or custody and also pay child support.

Can you gain sole custody of a child by receiving child support?

Depends on circumstances. A single mother has a presumption of sole custody at the time of the birth of the child. Where married parents are separated, there is a presumption of joint physical custody whether or not support is ordered.

Is a single parent with joint custody entitled to child support if the other parent is married and that income is much higher?

Generally, the parent with the greater amount of physical custody is entitled to child support.

Does the father still pay child support if the mother voluntarily gives custody to someone else?

No, if the mother voluntarily gives cutody to someone else, she can no longer be paid child support because she no longer has custody of the child. What happens now is the father can obtain custody because he does have rights or the person who has custody and have legal guardianship can file for assistance in which child support can be included or filed.

Who has legal custody of minor child in FL when parents never married but father signed birth certificate how does minor change his name when one parent contests it?

The mother has legal custody from birth if never married. The father have to go to court to get his parental rights and prove paternity so he can seek visitation, custody and pay child support. The mother is in this case the one who decides what name the child will have since she is the guardian.If the custody is not with father, then after getting the custody , they may change the name.

Do you have to have custody to file for child support?

Your question could be read in different ways. Child support is intended only for the support of children and their needs. If the children are in the custody of (living with and being supported by) someone who is not the parent on a regular basis, that person must petition the court to be appointed the legal guardian and then petition for a child support order against the parents. If you are the parent then you must have custody in order to get child support. If your children are in the custody of someone else, such as the example provided above, you cannot receive child support.

Who has custody of the children if you're not married?

Mom. Dad must establish his paternity legally through a DNA test. Once established he can request visitation and custody rights and pay child support if the mother will retain physical custody.

Do you have custody if children live with you?

Depends on the circumstances. If you are a single father, without court orders, the mother still has sole custody and control. If married, you have possession, however if you file for child support, you have a presumption of custody.

What is child support?

Child support is court-ordered financial support paid by one parent to the other who has custody of the children, after the parties are separated or divorced, or when the parties were not married.

Never married now separated no court orderd custody what are the legal rights of the parents?

mother has sole custody, father has child support obligation. see link