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not sure of the exact question - but i will go with what i think you are asking. "if you get a mortgatge will there be 2 separate payments involved?" NO. A mortgatge is a loan that is paid back over regular increments of time, usually monthly. The payment is "applied" (by the loan company) to principal and to interest portions. Initially they will put almost all of the payment towards the interest. Theroetically, half way through the life of the loan, they will apply half of your payment to the principal (borrowed amount) and half to the interest (cost of borrowing the money). the last few payment would be applied to the principal almost exclusively, the opposite of when you started paying the loan. It is set up so the borrower can get the "fee" for the loan paid back sooner, rather than having to wait until the loan is completely paid off. this has been a simlification of course because there are many different kinds of payment arrangements, but they almost all genereally operate this way.

The question also asks about an equity payment. Equity is your portion of the value of the property. Beyond your down payment, there should be no further payments.

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Q: Will you have two payments such as a mortgage payment and a equity payment?
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How does a home equity loan work?

It's like a second mortgage on your home. They would evaluate the worth of your house minus the amount owed on the first mortgage and loan you a percentage of the difference. You would have to pay two mortgage payments.

Is there a way to lower mortgage payment?

One of the best ways to reduce mortgage payments is to do a mortgage refinance as long as the new mortgage interest rate is at least two to three percent lower than the current rate and there is sufficient equity in the house. It's also important to a make sure there is no prepayment penalty on the existing loan. A prepayment penalty is a fee charged by the lender if a mortgage loan is refinanced before the prepayment expires

What are two things that are included in your monthly mortgage payment?

Interest and a portion of the principal balance. Often banks will escrow your insurance and tax payments as well.

How To Save On Mortgage Insurance ?

Mortgage insurance, also known as private mortgage insurance or PMI, is a mortgage guarantee insurance provided by a private insurer. The policy is security for your mortgage company or lender in the event that you are not able to make payments on your mortgage loan. In other words, if you default on your mortgage payments the insurer will compensate the mortgage company for their financial loss.Generally speaking avoiding PMI, entails coming up with a 20% down payment when purchasing your home to avoid paying a mortgage insurance premium.PMI charges vary slightly but as a homeowner you can typically expect to pay about $40-$50 each month per $100,000 financed. For example, for a $200,000 loan you might pay almost $100 per month in mortgage insurance or over $1,000 each year. Clearly, the larger your mortgage payment is the larger your mortgage insurance payment will be.Keep in mind that that once you reach a 20% equity position in your property, you can have your property reappraised and your mortgage insurance payment can be eliminated. In rapidly appreciating real estate markets this process may only take two to five years. This is one way to save money with mortgage insurance; keep track of your equity position and request to have your PMI payment dropped when you reach 20%. Remember that mortgage insurance premiums are not tax deductible and this is one more reason you want to get rid of your PMI payment as soon as possible.Mortgage Insurance And The LawAll home mortgages executed on or after July 29, 1999, must - with certain exceptions – terminate PMI automatically when you reach 22 per cent equity in your home if your mortgage payments are current. This 22% position is based on the original property value. Your mortgage insurance also can be canceled, upon your request - with some exceptions - when you reach 20 per cent equity in your home based on the original loan to value ration, again, if your mortgage payments are current.One exception to the above-referenced scenario is when your loan is considered high-risk. Another exception is when you have not been current with your payments within the year preceding your request for termination or cancellation of your mortgage insurance payment. A third exception to the rule occurs when you have other liens on your property. For these other loans, your lender is permitted to continue assessing mortgage insurance payments. Check with your lender or mortgage servicer (the company that collects your mortgage payments) for more specific information concerning these requirementsSecond Way To SaveA second option is available when it comes to saving on mortgage insurance payments (or avoiding them altogether) is obtaining a second loan to make up the short fall. If you have a 5% down payment available you can usually obtain a second mortgage for 15% to avoid a mortgage insurance payment. Be cautious with this approach as many unsuspecting homeowners end up paying more for their second mortgage than they would if they simply paid the PMI. Double check all of your financial assumptions when going this route. It may even be in your interest to check with your trusted financial professional.

What are mortgage services used for?

All banks employ some form of mortgage services to keep tract of the "bank-homeowner" contract. The homeowner is obligated to pay back the principal mortgage loan of the house, plus interest, until it is paid off. If a homeowner finds it difficult to make a mortgage payment, the bank can offer a special forbearance service, which is a temporary reprieve from having to make a mortgage payment or two on time. However, those payments become due when the forbearance is over. Also, for people with good credit and substantial equity built up, the bank allows them to take out a HELOC loan.

Easy Strategies For Paying Off Your Mortgage Early?

Paying off your mortgage early can lead to big savings. By making extra payments on the principle, you avoid paying future interest. Here are three easy strategies to pay off your mortgage early without hurting your bottom line: 1) Check with your mortgage company to see if they offer a bi-weekly payment plan. There is usually a small fee, but this option ensures you make one extra payment each year. 2) If you get paid every two weeks and want to avoid fees, consider using those two extra paychecks each year to pay one or two extra mortgage payments. 3) If you can't make full extra payments, consider just rounding your payment up to the nearest $100 each month.

Reduce Costs On Mortgage Payments?

Mortgage payments are typically paid monthly, making 12 payments per year. However, if one extra payment is made each year, thousands could be saved in interest alone and the loan repayment period shortened by years. One easy way to accomplish this is by changing the frequency of payments. Instead of making one payment a month, pay half the monthly amount every two weeks. Another option is to pay a small additional amount over the monthly payment every month that equals approximately 1/12th of the monthly payment. By the end of 12 months, an extra payment will be completed.

A bi weekly mortgage reduces the term of a thirty year mortgage to how many years?

By making half of a monthly mortgage payment every two weeks, homeowners can save a substantial amount of money over the term of a mortgage loan. Typically, if a homeowner pays half of their monthly mortgage payment every other week, they will reduce a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage by approximately seven years. The reason is simple: instead of making 12 monthly payments, homeowners are making half a payment every two weeks, resulting in 26 half payments per year, or the equivalent of 13 monthly payments in a 12-month period. In the end, the principal is paid down a great deal faster, saving a significant amount of money on mortgage interest payments. Most banks and mortgage lenders offer bi-weekly payment options, and many even offer a weekly mortgage payment option. If you're willing to pay your mortgage bi-weekly, and your lender offers the opportunity for weekly mortgage payments, take full advantage. Does this opportunity to pay off your mortgage early sound too good to be true? Well, there is one caveat: most banks that offer the bi-weekly or weekly payment options also charge a fee to sign up, often hundreds of dollars. However, there is a way to achieve the same results without having to pay these unnecessary fees. Merely make one extra monthly mortgage payment per year or simply distribute an extra month's payment evenly throughout the year by paying down the principal each month. Most monthly mortgage statements provide an extra line for an "extra principal payment." To see exactly how much money a bi-weekly or weekly payment plan can save you over the life of your mortgage loan, an online accelerated mortgage calculator will do the figuring for you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much time will be removed from your mortgage term.

What happens to the mortgage if house owned by two separate individuals and one dies?

Generally, the mortgage should have been executed by both owners. The property would remain subject to the mortgage and the survivor would need to continue making the payments. Owners in a situation where two salaries are needed to make mortgage payments should consider life insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage.Generally, the mortgage should have been executed by both owners. The property would remain subject to the mortgage and the survivor would need to continue making the payments. Owners in a situation where two salaries are needed to make mortgage payments should consider life insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage.Generally, the mortgage should have been executed by both owners. The property would remain subject to the mortgage and the survivor would need to continue making the payments. Owners in a situation where two salaries are needed to make mortgage payments should consider life insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage.Generally, the mortgage should have been executed by both owners. The property would remain subject to the mortgage and the survivor would need to continue making the payments. Owners in a situation where two salaries are needed to make mortgage payments should consider life insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage.

What are bi-weekly mortgage payments?

Every two weeks.

Can my mortgage lender refuse a payment because it is not for the full amount owed?

i am two months behind on my mortgage. can the lender refuse to take one payment?

Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator?

Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator This calculator shows you possible savings by using an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payment. By paying _ your monthly payment every two weeks, each year your mortgage company will receive the equivalent of 13 monthly payments instead of 12. This simple technique can shave years off your mortgage and save you thousands of dollars in interest.

How would you secure a loan to an unemployed relative who has two houses with first mortgages but has a great potential lucrative job in sight?

If you are saying that you have two houses than you would be able to use the equity that is available on the other two houses either as a substantial down payment that most banks will not turn down or you could use it as collateral to secure the loan. But this is only if you have equity built on the other two houses. You can also cosign on the mortgage until they are able to land their job and refinance into their name as the primary mortgage holder.

Should you get a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit?

Mortgage loans and home equity loans are two different types of loans you can take out on your home. A first mortgage is the original loan that you take out to purchase your home. Second mortgage means cover a part of buying of your home or to cash out some of the equity of your home. It is important to understand the differences between a mortgage and a home equity loan before you decide which loan you should use. Both types of loans have the same tax benefit since you can deduct the interest on each.

By how much will a credit score drop if a mortgage payment is 30 days late?

When most credit scores are computed, there is no difference in type of late payment at the 30 day point. Whether it be a mortgage payment, auto loan payment, personal loan payment or credit card payment, the impact is going to be generally the same (unless one has a record of late payments). The credit score will drop from 25 to 50 points for the missed payment and it will take about a year to get MOST of those points back (two years is generally the "missed payment" cutoff for most scoring systems).

What is a semi monthly payment?

That means two payments per month.

If you had a foreclosure two years ago and filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy last year that was dismissed when will you be able to get a new mortgage?

In theory you can get a new mortgage anytime, but it is going to be more dependent on your credit score, how much equity you have, and your mortgage payment history over the past 12-months. Your grading will be determined by how long ago you filed the BK and how long ago the foreclosure was filed, but you should be able to qualify for a new mortgage loan.

If your lender sells your loan to another lender are they suppose to notify you that your mortgage was sold?

Yes, do not send anything to anyone who claims to have purchased the mortgage. Continue to send payments to the original mortgage company until THEY inform you otherwise. There is a scam out there where people get the mortgage information from county records then send an official looking letter. It's good for one or two mortgage payments to a mail drop and you end up being out a couple payments. Don't fall for that one. If you have any questions, contact your original mortgage company and verify the mortgage status

Can you take out a loan and use it as a deposit on a mortgage?

If you do it that way your are going to have two large payments. It is not recommended and sometimes money from loans are not accepted for that purpose. Even if the person lies and says the money is saved money the two payments could be hard to deal with at the same time. Lending entities must likely will not grant loans to pay debts unless it is a reconciliation to pay various payments and convert them to one payment.

Is a home equity line of credit or a mortgage a better way to obtain cash for remodeling on a second home with no current mortgage?

you should probably go with a home equity loan. If you shop around you can get it done with no closing cost. there are two kinds of equity loans. Home equity loan are adjustable rate and kind increase over the years and there are fixed seconds where your lock in for the life of the loan.

How many years do you reduce if you make two additional mortgage payments a year?

That would knock about 8 years off a 30-year mortgage; but I wouldn't save up money for lump payments twice a year -- just add the amount you're saving to the monthly payment instead. That'll pay it off a little faster. See the related links for a calculator that'll let you play with different scenarios; there are many similar web pages, if you search the internet for "mortgage calculator".

What are some options for 2nd mortgage loans?

There are two major options for 2nd mortgage loans. The first is a Home Equity Loan, which is the traditional second mortgage and involves getting a fixed sum of money. The second option is a Home Equity Line of Credit and instead of a fixed sum of money, you get a credit line with a fixed limit.

How much does paying two extra mortgage payments per year decrease your loan life?


How does mortgage insurance protect a homeowner?

Mortgage insurance protects a homeowner in one of two ways depending upon what type of insurance it is. Mortgage insurance is one of two types. Mortgage life insurance pays off the mortgage in the event of death. Payment protection covers job loss or disability of homeowner.

How do you pay your mortgage off in two years?

Multiply the balance of your mortgage times your interest rate. Add this number to your balance. Divide by 24. Make that payment each month. This will get you close. Your very last payment will be off slightly so before your last payment, get a payoff statement(not a balance inquiry)to get the exact amount required to pay off your mortgage. For example: $100k * 7% = $107k $107k / 24 payments = $4458.33 per month. In this case, the ACTUAL amount needed to pay this would be $107,454.24 but that was figured using a financial calculator. In reality, the above example would leave you $454.24 short of a complete payoff on your last payment.