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You will lose weight if you spend more calories than you take in.

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Would an apple weigh 200 grams or 200 kilograms?

The mass of an apple could be 200 grams, never 200 kilograms. An apple with 200 grams of mass would weigh 1.96 newtons (7.1 ounces) on Earth. If an astronaut carried the same 200 grams with him to a different place, it would have a different weight there.

What unit of weight would you use to measure an apple?


What unit would you use to measure the weight of an apple?


What is the dosage for weight loss for Apple cider vinegar?

If apple cider vinegar were actually effective for weight loss, there would be no obesity in the US. Eat less and exercise more.

Which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the weight of an apple?


If you cut into an apple and it's spotted brown is it rotten?

I would think the apple would be rotten. I've never seen the inside of an apple that is naturally brown when cut open unless it was rotten.

What would have happened if the pilgrims never came to America?

If the Pilgrims never came to America, someone else would have. It was a vast area of uncharted land at the time and people are naturally curious.

A person who asks questions?

. I'm a lawyer. The answer would be a "curious person". Again, the answer would be a "curious person".

Would your mass be less on the moon or more?

Your mass never changes (your weight would be one sixth of your earth weight on the moon though)

A paradise for all curious?

Yes That would be where you are at this very moment. A paradise for the curious!

Would your weight matter if you joined Color Guard?

I'm in JORTC and weight has never mattered because it's discrimination

What is the noun form of curious?

The noun forms of the adjective curious are curiousness.A related noun form is curiosity.The word curious can be used as a noun, for example:It would be of interest to the curious among us.

Why was Curious about bodies and kissing in childhood?

if your question was supposed to be why was I curious about.... then my answer would have to be- it's human nature to be curious and want to learn more about something of interest, so if you thought it looked interesting as a child then that would be why

How would your weight and mass change if you go to the moon?

your mass would stay the same (mass never changes), but your weight would be about one sixth (1/6) of what it is one earth

How long does it take for an apple tree to fruit if grown from seed?

It may never fruit and if it did it would be thousands to one that it would be any good.

What unit of measure would you use to measure the mass of an apple?

mass is measured in grams if your looking for weight use ounces

If you were 0 pounds on earth how much would you weigh on an asteroid?

I find it curious that the auto-categorization feature assigned this question the category of "low carb diets." If your weight was zero on the Earth, then you must be either a photon or a neutrino, in which case your weight would be zero everywhere.

Does pain killers help you lose weight?

No they don't i would say never use them!

What if humans never invented technology, computers, iphones, TV's, Video Games, what will happen to us Will we be cave people Would we be fine without devices Im curious I hope someone answer this.?

wow no one will answer this wow

What would the texture of a fresh apple be after being out in room temperature for 3 days?

Still crunchy - I never refrigerate apples.

What is Amanda Bynes screen name for AIM?

Surely you will never receive a correct answer regarding this question, albeit I am very curious, as well. I would love to generate a correspondence with her.

What reasons would Peeta have for being curious about Gale?

Peeta would be curious about Gale because Katniss of whom he likes spends a lot of time with Gale.

How much do Lizzy Caplan weigh?

She has never publicly talked about her weight, if I had to guess it would be 110lbs.

What is the difference between comparing apple to apple and comparing apple with apple?

Apple to Apple is like against. Apple with Apple would be together. That makes no sense. Sorry!

What is curious in Tagalog?

The word "curious" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "mausisa".

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