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Will you ruin the value of your Stevens Model 820B if you re-blue it?


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2005-04-06 15:13:45
2005-04-06 15:13:45

Not unless you do it poorly. It's not a collectable firearm, so it's value is in it's utility, not it's originality.


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around 100- 150 bucks if its really nice

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No Model 8205. There WAS a Model 820B.

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I have found three model 820b 12 gauges that were sold at auction. The true value of any item is whatever someone is willings to pay. All 3 sold for an identical $150. The market seems to be steady!!

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Not if they were manufactured prior to 1969.

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i have a stevens 12 gauge 820b and iam wondering if i can use steel shot in it the guy i baught it from said it couldnt

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