Willow Smith

The daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Camille Reign Smith is an American child actress and singer. She debuted in the 2007 film “I am Legend” and later appeared in “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”.

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Willow Smith

Is Willow Smith a satanist?

No, she's a Christian

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Willow Smith

What is Willow Smith's official fan phone number?

Willow Smith doesn't have an official fan phone number. She uses Twitter and fan pages to communicate with her fans.

Willow Smith

Why Willow Smith do the satanic symbols?

she does it because she awsome and if she can do it dont question it

Willow Smith
Mindless Behavior (band)

Is prodigy from mindless behavior Willow Smith's cousin?


Willow Smith

How did Willow Smith get discovered?

Willow Smith is the daughter of Will and Jada Smith and sister of Jaden Smith who are all actors. You could say she was born into the business.

Drama and Acting
Jaden Smith
Willow Smith

Where is Jaden Smith tickle his sister Willo Smith?

On the stomach

Willow Smith

Did Willow Smith go to hospital after her song?

No she did not my name is Casen and i love her

Willow Smith

Does Willow Smith have a cellphone?


Willow Smith

Are Willow Smith eyes really hazel?

Her eyes are light brown.

Willow Smith

Did Willow Smith fail a grade?

no williow smith didnt fail a grade because will and jade dont play that

Willow Smith

Does Willow Smith have butt?

She does not have a butt she is so mean she think she is all that just because she is the best singer.But she is not and she looks like her funny father.

Willow Smith

Does Willow Smith have a tattoo on her ear?

no willow smith does not have a tatto on her ear.

Willow Smith

Is Willow Smith spoilt?

It depends on your perception of spoilt. It is a popular misconception that children who have wealthy parents are spoilt. It is important to establish that there is a difference between having nice things and being spoilt.

Willow Smith, I'm sure, will have almost anything she wants, but this does not necessarily mean that she is spoilt.

Willow Smith

Does Willow Smith wear contacts?


Willow Smith

Where did Willow Smith get her ears pierced?

Willow Smith

Did Willow Smith use Rianna's voice to sing i whip my hair back and front?

-she didn't use Rihanna's voice , it's just that she uses autotune like every singer

Willow Smith

Did Willow Smith cut her hair to get attention?

Of course she did, look how much attention she got from shaving her head.

Willow Smith

Was Willow Smith in a car wreck with her dad?

Willow Smith

Is will smiths daughter Willow Smith a free mason?

Willow Smith

What phone does Willow Smith have?


Kendall Schmidt
Willow Smith

Who is Willow Smith's publicist?

Will Smith, her father.

Willow Smith

Is Willow Smith going out with Princeton?

no there just friends

Willow Smith

What is trey smith famous for?

he isn't as famous as Willow or Jaden Smith, and he isn't really at all famouse except from being known for his footbal, he is only in the public eye slightly because of his parents being famous and all.

hope this answered your question how you wanted it to be answered :) x x

Willow Smith

Does Willow Smith has a crush on ray ray?

Yes, that's what most people say. Go 2 Google and it says 'yes'.

Willow Smith

Where is Elliott smith buried?

he was cremated


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