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Will your US credit history be available in Canada?

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No,you will have a fresh start if you relocate to Canada.

2006-07-21 04:45:31
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If you move from Canada to the US and have bad debt in Canada will it effect your credit in the US?

When a Canadian moves to the U.S. their credit history in Canada is irrelevant. They will have no credit in the U.S. though, which can be worse than having bad credit. hi

When you have moved to the US from Canada and have an excellent credit history will banks and mortgage lenders need your credit history if it applies in a different country?

No they won't.

Does a bad credit score in the US effect your credit score in Canada?

Technically, no. The Canadian credit bureau does not share information with the US credit bureaus. However, a Canadian creditor can certainly check with a US credit bureau to check your credit history.

Can you transfer your US credit score to Canada?

Check the link

What is the debt collection in Canada and the US?

If you move from Canada to the US and have bad debt in Canada will it effect your credit in the US?

Are US companies in Canada subject to US corporate tax?

Yes, but they will get a credit for taxes paid to Canada.

Does bad Canadian credit affect US credit?

They are completely seperate, though a US credit bureau can be pulled from Canada and vise versa.

If you have an unpaid credit card in another country what conditions must apply before they can they report the debt to your US credit report?

CRA's in the US, report the credit history of transactions made only in the US. Therefore credit history from another country would not show up on a report in the US. This does not prevent a prospective creditor from requiring confirmation of the person's previous credit history.

If you move from US to Canada can you pay your car loan and credit cards from Canada?


Where is satellite radio available?

us and canada

Is Lexotan available in the US?

No, it is not available in the US. It is available in Canada and Mexico. The generic medication is Bromazepam, Lexotan is the brand name.

Can collection agencies sue you in Canada for your credit card bebts in us?


How many credit cards have been issued in Canada and the US?


Will your bad US credit history follow you to Canada?

AnswerThe poster is not completely right. I'm an American who has moved to Canada. None of my credit history has followed me to Canada. You will basically start from scratch (which is not easy.) It is true that if you're looking for a large loan (mortgage, for instance), a bank could be persuaded to pull your US history, but for anything else (credit cards, etc.) not only will they not ask for it, but they are usually not interested in getting it. NO bank in Canada (trust me on this) will pull your US history by default. AnswerIn a short word YES. All immigrants to Canada, regardless of where they come from, start off with a neutral credit record, neither good nor bad. In your case, however, a quick computer check will show all your US credit problems, and you will very likely be denied ANY credit here in Canada.The only way to correct that is to pay off your US credit accounts and start to learn to pay CASH for things, after saving up for the item you wish to buy.I know it is hard to believe, but that is the way many of us do it. No credit cards, no interest payments, no late fees. My motto is Pay Cash and Be Happy. And of course, if you pay CASH for an item, nobody can come and take it away from you. EVER.AnswerI certainly agree where consumer debt is concerned. But, Jim, are you suggesting that US residents should NEVER get a University education or buy a home. . . two goals that are out of reach for most people without incurring debt in the thousands, or hundreds of thousands of US dollars? The US and Canada have separate credit reporting agencies. You will have neutral credit, but may find it difficult to establish credit without a history. The most honorable thing to do is make arrangements to pay off your US debts. Either way, examine your spending behavior and decide to change the habits that caused the bad credit history in the first place. Then, even if you stay in the US, your credit history will significantly improve in 7 years.Also, be aware that if you have a bankruptcy, you will not be granted immigrant status in Canada.AnswerI'm a bad one to ask about how I paid for my University degrees. I was a full time member of the Canadian Army, a military police investigator, so I had to arrange to get my education at my own expense, so YES I did pay in advance, for all of it, year by year. I was doing this long before there was such a thing as "distance learning" by computer. I did it the hard way, by correspondence courses, from where ever I my duty took me.Took me 11 years, but I did achieve a BA and then a Masters in Canadian history.I agree that most folks have to have debt, for a home, for instance, but credit cards are simply too easy to get, and too hard to get out from under, for many people.

What happens if I don't pay credit bureau of Canada?

what happens if I don't pay Credit Bureau of Canada who is collecting for First Data who did not provide us with the services they promised.

What grade do you need on your AP US history test to get credit at the University of Michigan?

you need a 4 to get credit

If you have too much credit card debt can you move to Canada from the US to avoid it?

As your credit report may not follow you from the US to Canada, you can probably move there and become debt free. Moving back, thou, to the US may be difficult if you are trying to obtain credit as your credit report may have to be accessed and the unpaid accounts may show up.

What happens if you file for bankruptcy in the US and move to Canada?

you still have wrecked credit

Will a bad credit history in Canada follow you when you move to the US?

Only if the consumer voluntarily reveals the information or finds it necessary to reveal the information to obtain credit in the U.S. It is true that Equifax and TransUnion have bureaus in other countries. However, consumer credit information either good or bad cannot be transferred from one country to another due to the differences in consumer laws, such as the U.S. FCBA, FCPA and so forth. Yes, particularly from Canada, as they and the US share many of the same credit agencies. The best you can do is pay down balances and wait patiently for old accounts to drop off your credit history.

In us in what month is black history month?

In the US and Canada its February, in the UK its October.

Are there differences in the credit reports and credit scores in Canada and the US?

yes, there are 2 cras in Canada and 3 main credit reporting agencies here. The scores are different and the info remains on history for different amounts of time. Also there are various reasons in Canada for getting a 0 score like one would with a thin file here. Those are the basic differences, also one can call to dispute and get info directly by phone with the Canadian credit bureaus, unlike here.

Can a US citizen adopt a dog in Canada?

Yes. As long as you pay with cash not credit.

If you leave the US with credit card debt will you have a problem establishing credit in a European country?

Possibly. Although creditors cannot force the collection of debts (lawsuits) outside of the US it is not necessarily true that a person's credit history cannot affect them outside of the US. Most large US banks now have branches all over the world, therefore if you applied with a lending institution of that type your US credit history could be accessed.

How is Canada and the US alike?

They both have a wild west history in the west.

Does your credit history in the US affect your credit in other countries?

Other countries use different credit reporting systems. Credit history usually applies to only one country. Even within the same credit card network, information is not shared between different countries. For example, if a person has been living in Canada for many years and then moves to the United States, when they apply for credit cards or a mortgage in the U.S., they would usually not be approved because of a lack of credit history, even if they had an excellent credit rating in their home country and even if they had a very high salary in their home country. (Source: Wikipedia) refer to links for more information