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depends on what you define as okay...they should be alright, but will probably be a little greasy

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Do you need eggs for brownie mix?

You need to check the instructions on the specific brownie mix you are thinking about. Some brownie mixes only need water added. Some need water, egg, and sometimes oil added.

How many bases does a double helix have after the complementary strand is added?

double the amount of bases (or x2)

What can be added to a brownie mix to make it better?

Depending on your preferences, there are plenty of ingredients that can be added to brownie mix. I would always add a teaspoon or two of vanilla to start. From there, you can add ingredients like a sour cream for extra moisture (substitute for the oil using 3/4 the amount), chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, or 1-2 tsp. espresso.

What happens to vegetable oil when bromine water is added?

The bromine water turns from orange to colourless, as it is breaking the double bonds. When the oil becomes saturated, any more bromine water that is added will not turn colourless.

What kind of chocolate is used on fountains?

Just the usual milk chocolate, it is melted then a small amount of vegetable oil is added to it so it is runny enough to go through the fountain.

What salad isn't vegetable?

Fruit salads and meat salads are not vegetable salads, but may have one or more vegetables added into them.

How do you turn vegetable oils into spreads?

the emulsions are added to the vegetable oil and mixed for a long period of time and eventually it thickens into a spread

How can you do a project on the analysis of vegetable and fruit juices?

A simple project you could do is to find the acidity of vegetable and fruits juices. You could do the project using juices that are available in stores, but they usually have added ingredients. If you want juices that are fresh and have no added ingredients, you could juice the fruits and vegetables yourself using a juicer. This would also work if you want to do a project on how much juice you could get out of a certain amount of each vegetable and fruit or how many of each you need to use to get a certain amount of juice. Another idea would be to do a comparison of the nutrients in each type of vegetable and fruit. For that, you could do research on the Internet or in the library. There are limitless other projects you could do.

Is a brownie a good source of protein?

No, most sweets such as brownies and cookies do not have protein. Try adding peanut butter for added protein.

Which statement describes the changes that occur when vegetable oil is added to water?


Is the amount of water on earth added to every time it rains and why?

is the amount of water on earth added to every time it rains

What vegetable is added to pasta to make it green?

Usually green pasta is made with spinach.

What happens when 1 drop of bromine is added to vegetable oil?

they separate as they are alkenes and alkanes

What does addition and subtraction stand for?

The amount added or subtracted from a given amount

How many calories in fish and vegetable soup?

The calorie content of fish and vegetable soup is determined by the type of fish used, the type of vegetables used, what other ingredients are added, and the amount of all the ingredients used. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail. Alternatively, if the fish and vegetable soup came from a can, packet or carton, the calorie content is usually listed on the container.

Should vegetable shortening be refrigerated after opening?

Vegetable shortening does not need to be refrigerated unless there are other ingredients added. In the United States, the label should say if it needs to be.

What is vegetable oil made of?

I would guess the oils of various vegetables. That is probably the base, but there might be other ingredients added, if I were you I would read the ingredients on a bottle of vegetable oil.

When a vegetable is placed in very salty water the vegetable becomes soft and collapses Why does this happen?

Cause you added too much salt ans it is suppose to be oil you add to the water

Does the amount of baking soda added to vingar affect the amount of gas produced?

yes it does

When you double do you add or multiply?

Double means something is multiplied by two or added to itself

What is the most eaten vegetable in the US?

what is the largest selling vegetable in America? Tomatoes are processed into many value added goods and can be found in many vegetable blended products like soups, salsas, and drinks. That being said the tomato is the largest produced & processed vegetable in the U.S. and in-turn is consumed in the greatest amounts.

What type of phone plans are available with a Motorola TracFone?

If one wishes to buy a Motorola from TracFone, the following plans are available: Double Minutes for Life (one gets double the amount of minutes added to their account on that phone) or Airtime Balance Display.

Is vegetable soup good for you?

Depends on what type of vegetable soup. Does it have a lot of cream? Often times soup, especially canned varieties, tend to have a lot of sodium for added flavor. Too much sodium can cause bloating which will make you look fat. That being said, usually vegetable soup which is broth based with no added sodium should be very healthy and low calorie.

A small amount of acid is added to a buffer solution the pH of the solution will?

A small amount of acid is added to a buffer solution. The pH of the solution will stay about the same.

Can you bake a cake with vegetable spread?

You can but you'll need to reduce the quantity of any liquid added, since vegetable spread is higher in liquid than butter. Otherwise your batter will be too sloppy.

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