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yes, if the trans fluid is hitting the exhaust, but not out of the pipes coming from the outside of the pipes.

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Q: Will your exhaust system start smoking if your transmission is leaking?
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A leaking exhaust system can What?

Remove toxic

What causes the car to smell like fume?

That could be a leaking exhaust system. A leaking exhaust system is very dangerous! Please have it checked out ASAP.

Does exhaust system aid in transmission?

Does exhaust system aid in transmission performance? I have a 1997 Chev Blazer.Type your answer here...

When is it time for a new exhaust on your car?

When system is leaking exhaust fumes When system is rotted and falls off vehicle

Burnt rubber smell when driving?

Here is a couple possibles, Engine or transmission oil leaking onto the hot exhaust. Plastic shopping bag caught onto exhaust system. Yesterdays chilli

Can a leaking intake gasket cause coolant to flow into the exhaust system?


Why is exhaust leaking into my1997 Ford Expedition?

you may have s mall or big hole in your exhaust system. have it check out.

Why would a 1999 Honda Prelude idle loud?

Are you referring to a loud exhaust sound? If so, it could be (Going from the engine back to the tailpipe) a cracked or leaking exhaust manifold - a leaking exhaust pipe - a leaking catalytic converter - a leaking muffler. That covers the exhaust system. If you are talking about a noisy clattering sound in the engine, you could possibly need a valve adjustment.

Could you need to replace the entire Exhaust system to pass the emissions test?

If it is leaking or rotted

How do you cure backfire in an mg midget?

you must have air leaking into the exhaust system that will cause backfire when you decelerate raw gas goes into the system

How would oil get into exhaust system?

Worn piston rings, bad valve seals,

Does the catalytic converter have anything to do with transmission?

No. Its part of exhaust system designed to reduce emissions.

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