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Not unless you change the policy coverage (as in by reducing it from comprehensive to liability, or lowering the limits, or raising the deductible).

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Q: Will your premium go down if you pay off the car note?
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Can Chrysler financial turn your car off for not paying car note?


If your car is a write off do you get back any of your insurance premium you have paid?

some of it i think

How can you get your name off of a car note you have cosigned on?

you and the party you cosigned have to talk to who you have the note with and they should be able to help you out

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Can premium be written off to the share premium account?


Can you take the coverage off of your dad's car and use the rest of the coverage for a car that you buy?

NO. Different car, different circumstances. The old vehicle removed will generate a pro rated refund for any unused premium, and the new veh will have a premium of its own. You may be able to apply any refund to the new premium. Greg Nice

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Car windows go up and down on a track. It has fallen off of the track.

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Can you receive a car loan at 18 if you have a cosigner but have an off the books job?

IF you have a big enough down payment and a co-signor, most BHPH(note lots) will finance anyone.

What happens if you take a car strut totally off?

The car will fully sink/go down on the tire with out the strut. When the car sinks down, it will sit on the tire which will immobilize the car.

Pay off Your Car Loan and Put More Money in Your Pocket?

You need a car to get to work and most cars are so expensive that they simply have to be financed. But paying that car off early and tooling around in a car that's paid for will give you a fantastic feeling. Pay off your car loan early and put those extra payments towards another bill, or just enjoy the extra cushion every month. To pay off your car loan early, add an additional $50 to your monthly note and it will be paid off months early. Add another $100 to your note and you can enjoy more than a year without that car note.

Your car was hit whilst on drive driver drove off no damage to mine?

You confuse me with 'your' and 'mine'. Have I got it right - your car was hit on your your drive but there was no damage to your car? The other driver drove off without stopping to notify you? If that was the case, put it down to experience, no damage was done. If you got a note of his registration plate, tell the police.

What do you mean by 'taking off'?

in the car down on the gas

Does the reposessor have to put the car down off of the tow truck once you tell them to?

No. In fact, they're gonna pretty much tell you to go pound sand. They'll drop that car only if the owner tells them to - until you've got that note paid off, the lienholder is the owner of that vehicle.

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If your car is an automatic (not a stick shift) then the car will automatically shift down as you ease off the gas petal. If it doesn't down shift then you need to have the vehicle checked out to see what is wrong.

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What is target premium?

Target premium is the amount that the agent's commission is based off of. It is neither the planned premium or minimum premium to keep the policy in force. Sometimes called the "commissionable premium."

Why is there a knocking in your 305 engine in a 1988 caprice classic after you turn off the car?

== == Upgrade your gas. Use premium grade, that will eliminate the knocking.

If a car is already charged off on your credit how long do they keep looking for it in California?

Until they find it. If it is charged off on your credit report then the creditor sold the note to a collection agency who will hire a repo-man to track down the car so they can recover it and sell it to make the money back that they paid to creditor for it.

Can you buy a car if you are 12000 upside down with your trade in?

You can but the amount(12,000) will be added to the new car loan. If you were to sell your car that you have now and pay it off, you would be better off.

How do you wash a BMW that has sensors?

Water down the car, scrub it down with a washing brush and some soapy water, rinse it off, then dry it off.

Can a car be repossessed after it is paid for if the buyer has a side note for a car repair that has not been paid in full?

Yes. Pay the repair bill off, ASAP.

Can you be arrested if you sell your car on finance and still pay the monthly payments?

You can sell your car, however it is your job to take the money and pay off the loan note. Once you have paid off the note, any monies left are your too keep. Hope this helps. Do not make the mistake of committing a crime by not paying of the note immediatly! Good luck.

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