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If YOUR provider support roaming in Europe AND your phone is capable of accessing a 900/1800MHZ network it should work!

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What continent has the most telephone lines?


Can you call Europe with a telephone?

no europeans dont have phones use email.

How do you work a telephone?

Go go powerrangers

How did the candlestick telephone work?

lift up

What technology is necessary for a telephone to work?


How did the telephone work in Victorian times?

By Wires

Does iPhone 4 work In Europe?

Yes I`m pretty sure it will work in Europe.

Will your Australian telephone work on the US telephone network?

yes if you have a triband but most people have them so yes

What is a DECT Cordless telephone?

A DECT Cordless telephone is a portable telephone device that allows one to make calls without the interference of a wireless network. DECT technology originated in Europe and has become very popular.

Will my cell phone charger work in Europe?

Yes, your cell phone charger will work in Europe.

Does FedEx work on Memorial Day?

telephone them and ask

Did the first telephone work?

nope or the 2nd or the 3rd.

How does a telephone work for kids?

Same way it does for adults.

Why can't I access telephone network in Germany with SonyEricsson W350a?

The phones in Europe are on a different cell system and to be able to use a cell phone from within Europe you have to have a phone that is on that system. Some of the cell companies here sell "world phones" that work here and there, but my guess is that your phone is not one of them.

Was it the spilled acid which caused AG bell's first telephone to work?

Salt acide made first bell telephone work. Dusan nikolov new belgrade serbian

How did the first telephone invented look like?

the frist telephone looked like a typewriter and needed a lot of power to work

How does the telephone handset work?

it works by a speak in it it works by a speak in it

How does a 1945 telephone work?

how would I know i wasn't born then

Who does telephone work?

Telephone work by i&fr(installation & fault repair). Tis persons connected wit lines through copper. One one exchange connected wit fibreoptic .

What is telephone exchange system?

Telephone Exchange - In the field of telecommunications, a telephone exchange or telephone switch is a system of electronic components that connects telephone calls. A central office is the physical building used to house inside plant equipment including telephone switches, which make telephone calls "work" in the sense of making connections and relaying the speech information.

Where do Egyptians work?

Egyptians work in europe at the barber shop!

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Telephone poles are just wood poles that hold the telephone cable,the telephone terminal and telephone drops, (wires going to individual houses) in the air and out of the way. Areas that have no poles usually are newer areas, they have the same type wires only they are buried in the ground.

Did Alexander Graham Bell telephone from Ardrossan?

Unlikely. He was born in Edinburgh and invented the telephone while in the United States but, more importantly, he did not have a telephone of his own, considering it an intrusion on his real work as a scientist.

American PS3 work in Europe?


Does an American iPod work in Europe?