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With all states having a caucus why is Iowa so important?

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Iowa is the first state of the election season to host a caucus.

Because Iowa represents America's Heartland, and that means something to all other populations.

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Why does Iowa have a caucus and not a primary?

Iowa doesnt have a primary because it is usually the bigger states who have primaries, the smaller states usually get together to decide the states candidate, which is what a caucus is.

Is the Iowa Caucus a winner take all?

No, it is not. The Iowa Caucus awards delegates proportionally.

What is the significance of the Iowa caucus?

It Is the first state to host a Caucus for the election season The significance of the Iowa caucus is to determine which way the fundamentalist will go.

How many democrats came to the Iowa caucus?

None it was a Republican caucus.

Does each state have a cacus?

First of all Caucus is spelled incorrectly in the question. No there are seven caucus states for 2008. The number can change from year to year. A state can either have a caucus or a primary election, they are two different methods for selecting a candidate for each party. Some states traditionally have a caucus from year to year, New Hampshire and Iowa being two great examples. For 2008, Five of the Seven Caucus states are: Minnesota North Dakota Iowa New Hampshire Nevada

Where was the first presidential caucus held?

Iowa is the first caucus, which is held in January.

How many delegate votes did Rick Santorum get at the Iowa Caucus?

Rick Santorum was declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus by 34 votes.

Which party assigns delegates proportionally during the Iowa Caucus?

The Republican Party assigns delegates proportionally during the Iowa Caucus.

Who holds the first caucus?

The first caucus held in the US in an election of the President is Iowa

Where is the first and most widely publicized caucus today?

The Iowa Caucus is the first and most widely publicized caucus today.

Why is Iowa first?

Because of the uniqueness of the caucus system used, as opposed to the primary system in most other states.

What states usually has the first primary in the presidential election?

New Hampshire. Iowa holds the first election, but it is a Caucus.

Does Virginia have caucus or primary?

There are only 10 states that use the caucus system, these states are Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming and Iowa. Virginia uses primary for election purposes.

How does the presidential caucus work in Iowa?

In the Iowa caucus there isn't a secret ballot - it's a very different type of voting. The following video on YouTube from Edwards's campaign office is an entertaining way to educate yourself on how a caucus vote is actually cast. Iowa Caucus Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DJX5S6UWXYI It will be very interesting this year! susan

What state had a recent caucus?

Well, there was the Iowa Caucus, then the Wyoming caucus (but the news didnt seem to care about that one) and then the new hamshire caucus, but im not sure which one was the most recent

What are the release dates for Larry King Live - 1985 Iowa Caucus?

Larry King Live - 1985 Iowa Caucus was released on: USA: 3 January 2008

What are the release dates for America's Election HQ - 2008 The Iowa Caucus?

America's Election HQ - 2008 The Iowa Caucus was released on: USA: 3 January 2012

Why is Iowa so important to the presidential primary?

It is an early caucus state and as a result a good showing gets national press coverage.

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