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She experimented with indigo and she did it because she wanted to make a dye that she could use to dye her clothing.

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Q: With what plant did Eliza decide to experiment and why?
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Who was the first person to plant indigo in South Carolina?

Indigo was introduced by plantation owner Eliza Lucas.

What is a control of a science experiment?

For instance, if you wanted to experiment on plant a, plant b, and plant c. You would put plant c to one side, treat it like a normal plant (water, feed, etc.) and call that the control. You could then experiment on plant a and plant b - feeding them differing fertilisers, allowing pests to attack the plants, and so on. At the end of the experiment, you could compare the growth of plant a and plant b to the control plant c. Though plants are mentioned above, the principle relates to any experiment - you need a control to compare against the end results of the experiment.

What would be a symbol that represents Eliza Lucas Pinckney?

indigo plant or the war

What is a good plant experiment?

A good plant experiment is the study of sunlight on a plant. Place one plant in sunlight and one in the shade and watch the changes between the two.

A scientist does an experiment The results of the experiment disagree with a major scientific theory What should the scientist do?

Analyze the experiment to decide whether the results were flawed.

What is a good plant to experiment with?


How did Eliza Lucas Pinckney become famous?

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was most famous for proving that the plant indigo could grow in South Carolina (as a teenager too!)

Is there an experiment that can be performed to show that detergent affect the growth of plants?

it depends on how much power you want to have in your experiment, and how your going to test it: 1. Decide how you will quantify the data you will be collecting on plants, (e.g. - inches the plants grow, color, etc.) 2. Decide how long you are going to measure the plants 3. Decide how you will be treating the experimental group (are you going to spray the leaves? put the detergent in the soil?) 4. treat the plant with detergent however you decide you will treat them at the time you first treated them everyday, be consistent in your treatment because it effects the legitimacy of the experiment 5. Crunch the numbers when your done... GOOD LUCK!

What is the fist step in designing a science experiment?

The first step is to decide on the purpose of the experiment. What is it that you are trying to prove or disprove.

What is a good science experiment that you can do?

a good science experiment is a 3d plant cell model

How wil you decide whether a process is spontaneous in a experiment?

By the activation Energy.

How can you decide which tool to use in a cerain experiment?

it's debend on the hypothesis.