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After the Western Allies invaded Normandy, the Soviets, in step with the June 6 D day invasion of 1944, on the anniversary of both Operation Barbarossa and the French surrender, June 22, they began the offensive called Operation Bagration, which would finally take the Red Army to Berlin. The Soviets left occupation troops and advance guards so there would be no counterattacks. With the capital, much of Eastern Europe, and Hitler lost, the Germans decided to surrender.

by 1944, the Germans were pushed out of Russia. the Germans were ill prepared for winter fighting, and got tied down into the wrong kind of war. they faced too many city fighting, where a war of attriciton suited the Russians much better. then they made poor choices like attack the Russians at krusk. the supply lines were far over stretched, and the dreaded panzers ran out of gas. but the real reason is the Russians changed their tactics, and forced the Germans to fight on their own terms, and won the war.

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What impact did the battle of kursk have on World War 2?

The Soviets finally had a victorious battle against the Nazis. This was a turning point in the Russian/Nazi war in the USSR. From then on the Soviets won the battles of Stalingrad, Kiev and the Eastern Front in European nations. The German Generals realized the war was lost at Stalingrad and their leader was terribly inadequate if not crazy.

The area of Europe the Soviets controlled at the end of World War 2?

All of Eastern Europe.

How did communism spread during world war 2?

When the Soviets marched through eastern Europe they occupied it and therefore it was communist.

Who assumed control of Germany after World War 2?

illuminati?? just a guess ;)well western bit maybe....soviets the eastern half...

How did the Soviets defeat the Germans in World War 2?

launched a massive counter attack through the eastern front and took Berlin before usa

Why do you think that many europeans favored communism after world war 2-?

Europeans did not favor communism after world war 2. Communism was forced on the people of Eastern Europe by thd Soviets.

Nations refers to Eastern European nations under the control of the Soviets?

This is correct. However the Cold War and World War 2 are long over and the Eastern Bloc Nations are no longer under Communist Rule of the Soviet Union.

Why did the Soviets refuse to give up their occupied land in eastern Europe and in Germany?

The Soviets were Communists and Communists are not a good sign. The Soviets (communists) were bold and didn't care about a thing except world Domination which led to the cold war. Anyways Communists always had to control everything and have everything. Communists ain't like that today but they do act like it sometimes.

What country dominated a large region of Eastern Europe after world war II?

The Soviet Union (USSR). The Soviets more than 'dominated', they oppressed, dictated, murdered, imprisoned, controlled & suppressed Eastern Europeans until the Soviet Union collapsed.

Who were the Soviets during World War 2?

The Soviets were the people of The Soviet Union. Now known today as Russia.

What is a sentence with victorious?

Khan dynasty was victorious over whole Europe. But they never got to the Americas.

When did Mussolini encourage Hitler to make a deal with the Soviets to end the conflict in the Eastern Theater of World War 2?

As 1942 was drawing to a close, the Soviets were making significant progress against the Italian and Romanian armies. In fact Axis powers were being routed into a panic. Too ill to travel, Mussolini had his foreign minister, Ciano to advise Hitler to make a deal with the Soviets. This would ease the enormous pressure on the Eastern front and allow for Axis forces to focus on the British and Americans. Hitler rejected this advice.

Who was victorious in World War 2?


What was the world like in 1400?

i love victorious

How did Finland beat the Soviets in World War 2?

The Fins didn't actually beat the Soviets in WWII, they both signed an armistice and the Soviets got some Finnish land.

What were the United States' military victories in world war 2?

Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/ Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/

What were the Soviets fighting for in World War 2?

The soviets were fighting for there homeland and freedom from German control. I hope that answers your question.

What actions did the Soviet Union take in World War 2?

The Soviets had such a firm grip on eastern Europe that they did not allow them to direct and develop their economies, but instead made them develop industries to meet Soviet needs.

What brought an end to WW2?

The end of the war in Europe was the success of D Day and the Soviets pushing on the Eastern Front. The final end of World War II ended with the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Importance of the Eastern Front to World War 2?

That can never be ignored. The casualties on the Eastern Front where the USSR carried the full brunt of German aggression almost matched that of China. If the Soviets hadn't contained the Germans, then the Battle of the Atlantic and the Battle of Britain, would have been fought in vain.

Which side were the soviets on during world war 2?

the Allies

How did the Russian army prepare for World War 2?

Soviets first prepared for WW2 by increasing the production and development of tank through out western USSR and then signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact to attack eastern poland.

At the time of world war how did the vision of the postwar world held by the US differ from that of the soviets and the british?

The postwar world differed because in the US we win because we're champs and russia aka the soviets gargle balls

Why did soviet leaders want to control eastern europe?

The Soviets wanted to control Eastern Europe so that they would be one step closer to control of the world and would be less likely to crumble in case of a war. (I am a student studying History, this may not be a 100% true answer, it is just my assumption from the knowledge that I have.)

The three major mistakes that Hitler made during World War 2?

Hitler stole the cookies from the Soviets in '43. The Soviets were pretty PO'ed about it.