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Yes..fault doesn't matter.

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Can the owner of a vehicle force someone to pay for damages caused in an accident while driving their car with the owners permission?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit in the proper court and recover your damages if the person is unwilling to pay voluntarily.

If you are driving another persons car with permission and have an accident and the car you are driving is uninsured will your insurance pay to get the car fixed sicne you were at fault?


If you have an accident making a left turn on a green light and it was considered your fault but the person of the other car was not suppose to be driving is their insurance liable for your damages?

No. In this discussing this with another person we came to the conculsion that you are still liable for the damages. We did think that you could take them to small claims court to collect for damages since they were not suppose to be driving.

Uninsured driver driving insured car is he covered?

If a person is driving a car and he/she is uninsured but the vehicle in which he is driving is registered and insured to another individual, the registered owner is liable for the damages to the other pwesond's vehicle.

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another persons car in Florida?

The insurance policy on the vehicle you were driving will pay any damages assuming the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the insurance policy is one and the same.

What happens if you do not pay a speeding ticket from another country?

If you never go back to that country, pretty much nothing. However, your driving permissions in the country will likely be revoked, so if you ever return, you could be arrested for driving there.

Can thirteen year old have there driving permit with parents permission?


If you are driving another person's car with permission and have an accident with an uninsured motorist running a red light will it be covered?

99% of all insurance companies will cover such situations.

Whose insurance pays if a friend damages your car while driving it?


Why is it your fault if you have no collision insurance?

Fault is determined by who committed a driving infraction, not who has insurance. If you have no collision insurance, you are responsible for the damages to your own vehicle unless another driver is determined to be at fault.

Who pays for the damages or deductible if a hired nanny is driving kids to school and backs into a parking space and rubs against a protruding branch which breaks the back window.?

ANSWERIt is an at fault accident, any way. Backing accidents are always at fault. I assume that the nanny had your permission to drive the car, however, was nagligent. Your insurance co will tell you to collect your damages form the nanny.

Who is responsible if a car damages my trash can?

If a car damages your trash can, the person driving is responsible if the trash can is in the proper place. If the trash can is not in the proper place, it is your fault.

If someone is driving your car and you do not have them on your insurance and they get into accident are you covered?

Although it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

So my friend gave me permission to drive his truck and he is with me through the entire drive time And I put a dent into the side of the door Could his parents sue me 4 not paying for the damages?

If you were driving someone else's truck and put a dent in the door, you are responsible to pay for the damages. They can sue you but you will also lose your friend. It's not worth it. Just take responsibility for what you did and do the right thing.

Who is responsible for damages if the vehicle isn't registered to person who hits another car but the person responsible bought it and hadn't transferred it yet?

The driver is always responsible for whatever happens to vehical he is driving

If a car was in an accident and the person driving had no licensed but was not at fault will the other persons insurance pay for damages because they were at fault?

Yes the insurance carrier of the person at fault will pay for the damages if they are in fact proved to be at fault. However you will be cited for driving without a license.

If Im not driving in the US car export to the another country?

Ymca that's wat they say ymca . Yeah !

If you are driving another persons car who has no insurance and you have no insurance and rear end another car who pays damages?

It depends on what state you are in; most states require PIP (Personal Injury Protection) to defray the costs of an accident where at least one of the parties is uninsured.

In Ohio if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your car without permission and hits a car and you have insurance are you responsible?

I sense that this person driving your car without permission is a resident of your household. Without a police report of the theft of your vehicle then the person driving your car, especially if they are a resident of your household and reasonably knew where to find the keys, would have presumptive permission to use the car and your insurance will have to pay.

How can license be taken for damages owed to an insurance company?

In most countries a driving licence could not be taken as payment or punishment for damages owed to an insurance company as that you be a civil matter.

To take a driving test with a british driving licence in the US?

yes, even if you move to another state within the US you need to take the states driving test, because the laws differ from state to state, so it would most likely go the same if from another country.

What documents do you need to drive your friends car?

It depends on the country or state but generally:A driving license appropriate for the vehicleProof of insuranceIf you are taking it a distance, it would be useful to have a proof of permission from the owner.

Can you sign a waiver stating that your auto insurance will be responsible for you while you are a passenger in a company vehicle and do you need the permission of your insurance company to do that?

If you have liability insurance your insurance should cover you while driving another vehicle with permission of the owner. The problem with a company truck is the limit of liability you might have to have.

Your son was driving his girlfriends car and she was in vehicle He rearend another vehicle which hit another vehicle and son was cited for following too close Whose insurance pays?

the girlfriends because its her car that started the crash but the son should offer to pay for the damages

If an unlicensed uninsured minor driving a car with the owners permission has a parking lot accident is the owner liable or the minors parent?

The insurance company is not liable for paying damages. The minor was knowingly breaking the law by driving w/o a license. The parent of the child will be held liable for damages. As will the person/owner of the vehicle if they knew the minor was not a legally licensed driver. If you let an un liscensed/uninsured minor driver your vehicle, your asking for it. If you werent the parent of the minor, they could sue you as well for neglect.