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You really need to plan out your modding strategy. If you just start throwing parts on your car chances are you're going to be in for some real headaches. Knock is very detrimental to these engines. You need a scanning tool to find where your engine is at the moment before modding. Then check afterwards, you may need additional modding in order to keep your motor from blowing up, even from just a small change in pulley size. There are many people that have gone down this road. Learn from their mistakes and do it the right way from the begining. Check the write up on pulley size at: Hope this helps "G"

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โˆ™ 2006-03-06 15:13:14
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Q: Would a 2000 gtp run ok with only a cai and 3.5 pulley with 1 range colder plugs using 93 octane?
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What would cause a car to be sluggish?

spark plugs need changing- ignition wires could be changed- put octane boost into your gas, or fuel injection cleaner.

What causes bogging down and missing out on start on 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

distributer cap, low octane gas, or spark plugs i would do the distributer cap first.

What is the best spark plug for a Nissan 300zx?

Stock NGK plugs are the best plugs. As you raise the boost of the TT model, you can opt for the colder grade plugs but still stick with NGK.

What is the recommended fuel octane for a Yamaha enticer 340?

their really is not a specific fuel octane mix. if you just run premium in it, it will be fine, but if you do put octane in, just put a little bit in it. because it could make your fuel too rich and foul out your spark plugs.

How do you replace a 2005 Chevy cavalier serpantine belt?

you need to get a wrench and turn the bolt (relieve the pressure on the pulley) on the tensioner pulley and remove the belt then turn bolt (relieve the pressure on the pulley) to reinstall it. The tensioner pulley is the one that is not your A/C pulley not your alternator pulley and not your crankshaft pulley its the only one that's left no hoses or plugs going to it. not sure how to explain it.

You put one gallon of 110 octane in with three quarters of a tank of 91 octane and now the car feels sluggish and misfiring?

Seems to me that you are trying to much octane for your plugs therefore your jusst fowling out them which will make hesitation and misfiring. Have learned that by doing the same thing. Try running 87 octane a while just might clean itself out.

If a stock 1999 Pontiac grand prix gtp comes with 240 horse how much more hores would it have if it had a smaller pulley and msd ignition wires and plugs and a cold air intake installed?

probably around 260 to 270 horsepower, depending on the pulley size. The msd wires would not do anything for horsepower and the cold air would give around 10 hrspwer. the pulley would give around 15 to 25 horsepower.

What kind of spark plugs go into a Polaris XLT?

BR8-ES or a colder plug is BR-9ES

How much horsepower does cold air intake add on 1994 mustang gt?

30ish, depending on octane levels and type of plugs.

What is the octane rating for Toyota Rav4 SUV?

use low octane, regular gas, 2 liter-4 cyl gas engine.....if you want to improve gas milage and horsepower buy a set of pulstar spark

What happens if you burn jet fuel in a car ingine?

You'd crank the car, the spark plugs would fire, and then... nothing. Many people think jet fuel is comparable to a high octane gasoline. This is not true - it's comparable to #1 diesel fuel, so it would essentially be more the same as putting diesel fuel or kerosene into your car. The spark plugs would not ignite it.

My Manual Ford Focus puts like it has bad gas I have put new high octane gas in and it still does it what could be the problem?

Change the fuel filter, and put in new plugs and wires. Gap plugs to .054".

Which spark plugs for klze engine?

NGK BKR6E-11 are for the 4cyl mx6, they turn out to be the plugs for the ZE as well. These are colder than the DE plugs (NGK BKR5E), which is good in a higher compression engine. also, they are the correct length, where sometimes DE plugs can actually make contact with the piston (as it is taller and flat for high compression)

Why would your car shut off at a light after driving it for at least 30 minutes. it sputters like it ran out of gas shakes then the engine would shut off?

without car info its hard to say but chances are that the type of gas octane like switching from high octane to low could result in build up in gas line .also driving until almost empty brings the filth that's in the bottom of the tank up to the lines flowing thru filters.maybe also checking the plugs and giving it a full tuneup with the manufactured recomeded oil and plugs,

What causes intermittent pinging on acceleration on your 97 Lincoln Town Car?

Using too low an octane fuel, incorrect timeing, or carbon buildup. Timing isn't adjustable on the 97 so I would say it is carbon buildup and too low octane or cheap quality fuel. I have gotten "93" octane at cheapy places and still had pinging but gotten regular or mid grade at better stations and not had the slightest hint of ping. Also, check to make sure your plugs and wires are in good shape.

What does service code A 124 mean on a 2005 Acura TL mean?

The service can/may include: Timing belt Tensioner Tensioner pulley Plugs Idler pulley Serpentine Belt Water pump Coolant service Valve Adjustment

What octane fuel is recommended for a Chevy 350 with MSI ignition?

i would recommend no less than 87 octane but it all depends on compression ratio ie. upto 9.5:1 ratio u can get away with as low as 87 but recommended is 91 or higher. i run 11:1 compression with an msd 6AL and 235 pro lightning race heads on a street driven 550+ hp 400 sbc and i use autolite 24,25 or 26 plugs depending on time of year {colder in the summer & hotter for the winter) and i set gap for all at .047" . i use 91 or higher octane fuel only and timing is set at 38 degrees total timing under load. or around 12-13 static timing at idle no vacuum at dist.

What kind of spark plugs should be used on a trailblazer?

I would recommend the OEM spark plugs, AC/Delco. Excellent plugs.

Why would your spark plugs be loose?

the engine is constantly vibrating and it dislodges the spark plugs

I have modified my GTP cold air u-bend removed DHP PCM and a 3.4 inch pulley. Since doing this I have burned out 3 spak plugs and my mechanic says it's because of the pulley giving to much boost.?

True. you are feeding more oxygen into the piston causing the fuel to burn much hotter. this could easily cause plugs to foul

Why would a car refueled with jet fuel stall?

Because the spark plugs cannot ignite the jet fuel. Jet fuel is not comparable to a really high octane gasoline, as many people seem to mistakenly think. Jet fuel is essentially #1 diesel fuel.

What kind of spark plugs does a Nissan altima use?

i would recommend ngk iridium plugs

How often should you change spark plugs on GMC envoy?

Depends on the type of spark plugs. Factory plugs around 70 - 100k depending on the condition of the plugs. I would replace the spark plugs out with some AC Delco iridium plugs they will last you 100k+.

What would happen if elctrical plugs only had on prong?

If electrical plugs had only one prong, nothing would happen. Electricity would not complete a circuit. Nothing would work.

You have 94 Dodge Intrepid it sputters and back fires when its cold once the temps come up its fine what could be causing this?

My personal experience would be replace and properly gap spark plugs, and use a higher octane gas or these yellow bottles called "HEAT". Good luck!