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Iam having the same problem with a 92 SL-1, the door locks dont drain battery's but the relay does because it is basically an electromagnet and they need juice to operate, where as a switch is just on or off. The problem I am having though is where in the world is the relay for the door locks. I paid $26.00 for it, but cant find where the bad one is to replace it. If you have this problem and you unhook the door locks, the battery will still drain. If you unplug the fuse to the door locks, your car wont start because with Saturns dumb stretegic marketing ideas, the fuse is also tied in with the fuel pump. I hope this helps both of us so we may both possibly find out where the door lock relay is.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-31 01:44:37
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Q: Would a broken door lock on a 97 Saturn SC2 cause a slow drain on the battery?
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