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Would a catalytic converter cause your car not to start?


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If the cat was totally blocked, the engine may start and run briefly for a few seconds. If the cat was partially blocked the engine would run but lack serious power.


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No a bad muffler shouldn't, but a clogged catalytic converter will.

I'd assume too much soot would build up and the truck would not start.

Yes, if it just started in time you will lose power and speed, replace it, it is breaking up inside.

clogged catalytic converter Agreed.......the smell of rotten eggs is an indication you have a problem with your cataltic converter

A clogged converter will cause an extreme loss in power, poor mileage, and hard starting. If it is clogged really, really, bad it may cause the engine to not even start.

If it's coming from the rear, I would check either your catalytic converter or your muffler. Either could have pieces loose in them that would cause a rattling sound when you either push or release the throttle.

A partially clogged converter can get red hot. It could possibly start a fire.

most likely your catalytic converter is clogged. if u warm it up at nite and look under the car and part of the muffler system is glowing red it is usually the catalytic converter and it will have to be replaced.

Some symptoms of a bad catalytic converter on a 1994 Lumina are engine stalling, engine backfiring, no start of engine, and poor power pick up. If the catalytic converter has rust holes, the vehicle will also be very loud when running.

Start the engine. The water will evaporate from the heat generated by the engine.

Could be: a clogged fuel or air filter a plugged catalytic converter

yes a bad catalytic converter can make different problem 1 if is clog is so much restriction the engine don't start or run a few seconds or few minutes and stall if the damage cat is bank 1 and direct fit some pieces reach the [ egr ] valve and can get stuck open and the engine don't start or shakes allot

check you distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, battery, and alternator if its not there its more internal. also make sure your catalytic converter is not clogged.

Maybe but more likely its the other way around. Oil blowby will ruin the converter quickly. Perhaps if the check engine light was on & the engine quickly replaced then the converter would still be good. A clogged cat will just rob performance & the engine might not start. The oxygen sensors abre probably ruined from the oil blowby too.

Most cars won't even run is the converter is clogged. Clogged converters can get very hot, maybe even start fires.

It shouldn't make any difference except that you should now make fewer exhaust hydrocarbon emissions. It isn't the Cat Converter, look somewhere else. Connect a code reader to find out what problem codes are stored in the computer.

Crawl under the vehicle and start at the engine and follow the exhaust pipe backward toward the rear of the vehicle. You will run into the converter.

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