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If the cat was totally blocked, the engine may start and run briefly for a few seconds. If the cat was partially blocked the engine would run but lack serious power.

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Q: Would a catalytic converter cause your car not to start?
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What would cause your car to shake when you start it and when you stop Catalytic converter?

Engine mounts

What would cause your 1998 Toyota corolla to lose power while accelerating and actually start to slow down?

Perhaps plugged catalytic converter

Will a bad truck muffler cause a truck a hard start?

No a bad muffler shouldn't, but a clogged catalytic converter will.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause the check engine light to come on on a 1994 s10 pickup and then cause it not to start?

yes ,gud chance it is blocked

What happens the catalytic converter was not replaced?

I'd assume too much soot would build up and the truck would not start.

Why does your 2000 Nissan Xterra does not start?

Catalytic converter gone bad

What would cause a 1997 Jeep Wrangler to clatter when you start it could it be the catalytic converter?

Yes, if it just started in time you will lose power and speed, replace it, it is breaking up inside.

Why would a 1992 Buick Skylark smell like sulfur and not start?

clogged catalytic converter Agreed.......the smell of rotten eggs is an indication you have a problem with your cataltic converter

Can a bad or clogged catalytic converter make your car not go?

A clogged converter will cause an extreme loss in power, poor mileage, and hard starting. If it is clogged really, really, bad it may cause the engine to not even start.

Will a catalytic converter catch on fire if not replaced?

A partially clogged converter can get red hot. It could possibly start a fire.

Why would a Camry rattle when you release the pedal at start?

If it's coming from the rear, I would check either your catalytic converter or your muffler. Either could have pieces loose in them that would cause a rattling sound when you either push or release the throttle.

What would cause a1991mercury capri xr2 to stall after it warms up runs for about 10 min and stalls wont start till it sits for a while?

most likely your catalytic converter is clogged. if u warm it up at nite and look under the car and part of the muffler system is glowing red it is usually the catalytic converter and it will have to be replaced.

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