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After looking at several course requirements for Helath Science Programs, I believe it would be a very helpful major if you are planning to continue your education and become a physician or other health care professional. As far as I know it does not offer credentials of it's own so teaching may be a problem.

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What science is essential to become a doctor?

biology physics chemistry micro biology

What should your major be if you wanted to become an obstetrician?

A major in Biology, Chemistry, or Health Science would be helpful to get a good start in medical school. These courses for these majors are recommended.

What high school classes are helpful to become a vet?

Biology, chemistry, zoology

What do you have to major in to become a obstetrician?

You have to major in biology chemistry or health science

What can you become in future after studying biological science or biology?

school teacher.

What classes should you take in college to become a veterinarian?

Any math and science courses, such as biology, chemistry and such, would be helpful. You'll still have to attend veterinary school after graduating college.

Classes you need to take to become a doctor?

science biology, anatomy, chemistry, organic chemistry, and micro biology

What is a Marine Biology Degree Called?

The first degree you would get to become a marine biologist is a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology. for further degrees you would need to go to graduate school to get your Masters in Marine Biology.

What science class should you take in high school to become a vet?


What classes should you take in grade ten to become a veterinarian?

Biology and chemistry courses. You will need a Bachelors of Biology, Science or specifically a veterinarian school to become a veterinarian.

What science should you major to become a vet?

Biology and then take pre-vet classes

Do you need to study science to become a biology teacher?

Yes, depending on where you want to teach

What subjects do you have to study at school to become a doctor?

you would need science (biology) degree and math degree

What are the requirements to study through unisa in South Africa and become a horticulturist?

Preferably biology and science as school subjects, but not necessarily. Biology is required for the Botany part of the course and a background in science helps to understand organic chemistry and soil science

What high school courses you need to take to become a herpetologist?

biology and science biochemistry classes

What science is used to become a health and safety executive?

Toxicology Biology Physiology Physics Psychology

What education do you need to become a biologist?

Most need a Ph.D. degree in biologyIn order to become a biologist it is recommended that student should be of science background. After completing the high school student must have to register in science in order to give direction to his career in biology.

Can you select biology after 10 to become MBA?

MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. On the other hand biology is a science subject it has nothing to do with MBA.

What courses should you take in high school to become a veterinarian?

High school classes will have little affect on the ability. You will need to get into college and do well there, so lots of science and math, particularly biology and chemistry would be very helpful.

What training is needed to become a forensic scientist?

AnswerDegrees· Criminalistics· Chemistry· Biology· Physics· Forensic Science

What subjects do you need to know to become a dietitian?

You need to study Maths,Science and possibly Biology at school

What is the major to become an MD?

You must major in Biology. AKA you must be good in anything science related.

Why do you need science to be a dentist?

Yes, you'll need Biology most of all and Anatomy to become a dentist.

Science classes needed to become veterinarian?

Highschool-biology,physics,chemistry,biodiversity, and a bachelor of science. also a four year bachelor's degree and know biomedical science.

How much education do you need to become a good embryologist in India?

An individual who wants to become an embryologist needs a bachelor's degree in biology or biomedicine and a master's degree in reproductive science or clinical science.