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Would a miscarriage at 6 mos cause so much scarring to prohibit future pregnancies and if so what procedure would cause that?

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2006-12-20 11:49:37

I am so sorry for your loss. The only thing I can contribute to

this answer is Asherman's Syndrome. Asherman's is when during a

procedure like a D&C (procedure to remove the contents of

conception from the uterus using a dull spoon instrument) the

uterus is accidentally punctured or scarred causing scar tissue and

complications. Having Asherman's could limit your ability to have

subsequent children but can also be treated. A miscarriage at six

months is almost like a mini-labor so unless you have an incomplete

placenta and need a D & C as above, there should be no scarring

on the uterus and it would be just like having a baby, which you

have had really.

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