Would a person who works in a dance studio 10 hours a week be eligible for workman's compensation benefits if they sustain a back injury?

It has to occur at work, on work time and as a result of working. So unfortunately, if you get injured at home it's not workers comp. However, you may have a chance if you were hurting at work and it finally went out by the time you got home. You just have the burden of proof that it happened as a result of your work. So like if you fell down at home, not it's not covered. * WCI elgibility requirements are established by state law. Some factors are, the person must be employed by a company or organization that is required to be enrolled in the state's WCI program and must work a specific number or weekly hours, be injured in a work related action that prevents the employee from performing normally assigned or subsitute duties, and so forth. Contact your state's labor relations board for specific information.