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It would depend on the plant. Some plants grow very well in sand but can't grow in topsoil, however most plants would grow better in top soil.

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Q: Would a plant grow better in topsoil or sand?
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Related questions

Do plants grow better in topsoil or subsoil?

There is no question that most plants will grow best in topsoil. Some plants require poor conditions to survive and would be better of in subsoil but on the whole topsoil wins.

Why is topsoil fertile?

because is a favorable to plant that is grow a pant

Why do plant grow only in the topsoil?

There are little or no nutrients in other soils.

Will squash grow better in sand or topsoil?

yop soil

What are some ways farmers try to reduce the loss of topsoil?

many farmers use fertilizers to make their topsoil grow better crops.

Why is top soil useful for humans?

Topsoil is useful to humans because:you cannot plant into bedrockplants need nutrients in topsoil to growwe would not have grains and vegetables without topsoilif topsoil is eroded away, our streams and lakes would clog with dirt; fish would die; wildlife would diewithout topsoil, we would not have bacterial growth to decompose leaf litter

Do seeds grow better in sand or soil?

It depends on the plant, as some grow better in sand and some grow better in soil. However, as a general rule, most seeds one would encounter grow better in soil.

Will a plant grow better than water or soil?

It would grow better in water than soil because it would obsorbe the exact amount of water it needs.

Would a plant grow better in a pot or in the ground?

a plant would most likely grow better in a pot as long as you use soil bought from a store. in the ground, the potential of harmful bacteria and disease affecting the plant is greater than if you have it in a pot. as long as you give the plant enough sunlight and all the nutrients it needs, your plant will be better off growing in a pot.

What are some good brands of topsoil?

Some good brands of topsoil include but are not limited to Miracle Grow topsoil, Black Magic topsoil, Earth Grow, and Scott's Premium topsoil to name a few.

What do baby pumpkins grow on?

They grow on soil. The needed ingredients to grow plant life would already be in the organic material of soil. It grows on topsoil. If you are growing some in your own garden it is recommended to buy some necessary soil from a local store.

What would make a plant grow better - tap water or tea?

Definitley tap water. The chemicals in it make i grow better than tea does =)

Would you expect to find much topsoil on the top of a mountain?

No. The weathering process and snow accumulation would take most of the eroded rock pieces (soil) farther down the mountain. "Topsoil" is formed from accumulated dead plant material, and there are fewer plants that grow on top of mountains compared to valleys and plains.

Will a plant grow better if it has rocks on its soil or without?

Will a plant grow better if it has rocks around it or just with soil?

Do plant grow better in clay or sand?

plants that like water grow better in clay and plant that don't like water grow better in sand. like cactus

How do you plant pear seeds from a pear?

First you take the seed out of the pear and then you dig a hole in topsoil. After you do that you have to cover the seed up with the topsoil that you dug. Last you water the seed and let it grow!!

Why rate of transpiration is more in summer?

why plants grow better in the summer would be because the sun and the rain hlpe the plant grow that would be why plants grow better in the summer. I hope i hleped you anser your question.

Would a plant grow better in a bedroom or a basement?

probably a bedroom near a window

Where does a plant grow better in dirt or soil?

a plant grows better in soil

What would happen you put one plant in light and one in the dark?

The one in the light would grow better.

How much topsoil is needed to grow a garden?

This will depend on what is under the topsoil.

What are the materials for a plant to grow well?

we shoud water plants and put the on the soil which has more topsoil then subsoil and bedrock

Would Plant will grow better in pen manure than no manure?

Most manures are good fertilizers, and improve plant growth.

What happens if one plant gets better soil then the other?

the plant with better soil will grow better

Do some plant grow better inside or outside?

plants grow better outside