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Would an abusive man encourage living together and possibly a quick marriage?

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Frequently abusive men do this kind of thing. They prefer to have people under their control and the easiest ways are to live with someone and to be legally bound to them. BUT trying to rush a relationship to marriage is not any kind of proof of an abuser. Some people are just impulsive, impatient or passionately in love and want to get to the happy ending right away. :) Trust your instincts. If they are saying "watch out, be careful, go slow" trust them. :)

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How do you live in an abusive marriage?

you dont

My friend is in a very sexually abusive relationship but in a fradulent marriage for a green card. How do you get out of an abusive fake marriage?

Call the police or call a hotline, There are people in this world who are here to help.

Did latoya Jackson really had an abusive marriage?

yes she did she is now divorced

Can infrequent sexual encounters between a husband and wife add to his abusive behaviour?

No. Abuse is only the result of the choice to use an abusive tactic. In any situation, abusive behavior is a choice, and non-abusive behavior can be chosen at the same time. The frequency of sex in a marriage can not cause abuse, but abuse can definitely impact the frequency of sex in a marriage.

How was Mariah Carey's first marriage with Tommy Motttola?

Abusive over time

How do you win your ex boyfriend back?

You don't you broke up for a reason and if you get together with him again you'll just realise it all over again and possibly be tied into an awful or abusive relationship you don't want to be in.

How can you make your wife leave?

I do not mean to be abusive with you, but frankly it sounds like you are being abusive with her. Get a grip and tell her the marriage is over, and then you leave. If you don't want her with you, you have to ask yourself why you are still there.

What do you all think about a man who is verbally abusive to a women do you think they could change?

If he is willing to, possibly. If not, not a chance.

Can you have an affair as your husband is of arranged marriage very abusive the other married men is loving and also satisfying?

It would be really unwise! But you should find another safe place away from the abuse. I encourage you to stay away from adultery for your own benefit - TRUST ME. God bless you as you find a way.

Why would my sister's husband forbid her from having contact with her brother?

If a spouse forbids his/her spouse from having contact with anyone, it is most likely because he/she is insecure. "Forbidding" is controlling behavior, and borderline abusive. If you are in this marriage, you should seek help. If you are a friend/relative of the controlled party, you should encourage him/her to get counselling.

What are the release dates for The Celebrity Daily - 2011 Taylor Armstrong Reveals Details About Abusive Marriage in New Memoir - 2.17?

The Celebrity Daily - 2011 Taylor Armstrong Reveals Details About Abusive Marriage in New Memoir - 2.17 was released on: USA: 26 January 2012

Did whitney Houston get married?

Yes, she married rapper and pop star Bobby Brown in 1992, but their marriage was tempestuous and they seemed to bring out the worst in each other. Both had addiction problems, and Brown had a bad temper. They did have a daughter together, but the marriage ended in divorce, amidst accusations that Brown had been abusive towards her.

How can you get a person out of an emotional abusive marriage?

Unless the person realizes that they are in fact in an emotionally abusive marriage there really isn't anything you can do. You can however, set up a type of intervention with said persons close friends and family. Maybe this will help them come to terms with their situation. Support and positivity goes a long way.

Is an emotionally abusive relationship worth enduring for the sake of keeping a family together and financially stable?

No, it's not worth it, you should try fixing the relationship somehow. Maybe a marriage counselor or something can help. But you are the one that has to decide what to do, no one can decide for you

When Whitney Houston was alive was she married with Bobbie Brown?

Yes, the two were married in 1992, but their marriage was not a happy one. They ultimately got divorced, amidst charges that Brown had been abusive to Houston. They had one daughter together (Bobbi Kristina).

How do you get out of an abusive marriage without gettn harmed?

You probably can't, but you can pick your pain. At least getting out will put the abuse to an end.

What do I do if my Husband is abusive towards me and expects me to just do what he says while he does the opposite.?

You should try marriage counseling. It helped me a lot.

If you left your husband because he was talking to his ex in an intimate way and he was abusive. Would you save this marriage?

He is abusive on two fronts. First, he abuses you (or someone) and secondly, he doesnot consider you by conducting sexual conduct with his ex. The marriage could be saved but it is a long shot that you'd not be asking the same questions in a few years.

How can you tell a friend they are being abusive to you and others?

One should never be hesitant when another is abusive to them. Either face this person and tell them the truth or have an 'intervention' where you and others get together in a quiet place and face this abusive person. Realize that often abusive people sometimes have personal problems so while facing that person and accusing them of abusing you and others also come together as a group and ask this person why they feel they have to be so abusive. You just never know, you or the rest of the people involved may be able to help this person.

How do you live with a verbally and emotionally abusive husband?

You don't - either seek help through marriage counselling or through talking about it, or separate.

Your husband refuses to stop drinking after 20 years of marriage you are very unhappy should you just divorce him even if he's not physically abusive.?

If you are unhappy in your marriage and there are no reasons for you to stay married to him - sure go ahead and divorce him.

What is a sentence for abusive?

It is important to exit an abusive relationship carefully. Slavery is abusive.

How do you get out of a abusive relationship after being in for about 30 or more years.?

Getting out of an abusive relationship is the same, whether you've been together 30 days or 30 years. Please read the info in the link I provided below.

Was Doris Day a victim of domestic violence?

Yes she and her son were. In 1975, Doris Day revealed that husband Martin Melcher had been abusive during their marriage.

Where will you fit in best at 62 with a dog and coming from Southern Irish parents and an abusive marriage in Yorkshire Wales or Scotland?

You would fit in great in Bakersfield, CA.