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the energy stored in an unlit candle is chemical potential energy, and it is stored in the bonds between the atoms in the hydrocarbons (wax) that make up the candle.

An unlit candle frightens no monkey means thag if it isnt scary dont be afraid

Neither a lit or unlit candle is a living organism. It is an inanimate object.

an unlit candle frightens no monkey

Potential energy is in an unlit candle, which is converted to heat energy, once the candle is lit.

Because when lit the heat vapourises the scent.

Yes, although depending on brand there may be some minor repellancy when unlit.

I can tell you why. If you shine a torch on the top of the unlit candle it will begin to glow and change. I guess it may be to do with light sensitive elements in oils.

How i can make sentence with unlit hallway

There are no candles that are safe for a bird to breathe if it is lit and burning. If the candle is unlit then is is ok. So if you are going to have candles going it would be best for your bird if it was kept in a different room. Or if it is neer the candles make it out in an open, ventilated area.

The answer to this riddle is a candle. The candle is tallest when it is young (unlit) and is short when it is old (when it is melted). When it is alive it glows (candlelight). It dies because it gets blown out. It can also be blown out or die from your breath.

You can't technically hit an unlit bowl. If there was no smoke, then all you did was get a taste in your mouth for a few seconds.

With a tinderbox... ... ...

There is no evidence that suggests sucking on an unlit cigarette can harm you. The chemicals in cigarettes aren't inhaled except through smoke.

by making them eat and eat unlit they get fat because they will think that food would keep the clam

Yes, both lit and unlit.

unlit match a rock held in your hand.

At the time of the new moon, the side of the moon we see is unlit.Of course, the other half, the side away from us, is lit by the sun. We just can't see it.

No. The THC is not being inhaled that way.

Potential energy, released when the match is struck.

Unlit streets are indeed dangerous places to be or walk. Even though they are dangerous some consider them peaceful or beautiful. However, it is common for danger to lurk here or for people to trip and fall.

No If You Light The Wood ,Then Yes it Becoms A Light Source .

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