Would camel eat a cactus?


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He probably would. However, cacti are native to the Americas and camels are found in Asia and Africa.


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it eat a cactus then it turned into a cactus camel with green hair and pierced ears

None! The camel and the saguaro are not even found in the same hemisphere. It is highly unlikely a camel would even attempt to eat a saguaro if they did occur together.

While a camel could probably eat some cacti, he can't. Camels are found primarily in Asia and cacti are natives to the Americas.

a camel has big lips so it can chew on a cactus and not get hurt by it thorns. a camel also has very good hearing abilities.

A camel eats acacia and cactus

Camels eat cactus and other plants grown in deserts. Their thick lips do not allow the thorns to prick them.

Well, a camel can survive days without water. A cactus hold water and camels eat that and consume the water and can survive days with the water held in its stomach. Hope that helped you :D

No, a camel is much too large for a fox to kill and eat.

No, camels do not eat cacti. Camels are primarily animals of Asia. Cacti are natives of the Americas. The camel never has the opportunity to eat a cactus.

so the camel can get water from the cactus

im not joking: camel feces, cactus parts, they pass sand through their body to clean their liver, and they eat there shedded skin.

They eat cactus because cactus has water in it.

The giraffes does not eat cactus & they do not like it because giraffes do not have that type of teeth the type of camel & they do not live in a desert & cannot live there because of the extreme heat.And the main thing is that the camel have a feature or part in the his body through which he could digest it but the giraffe do not that feature or part.and the camel eat it because in desert there is nothing like green leaves but it is there.

I think a cactus or a camel

camel,cactus,date palm etc.

camels usually eat their own faeces to reabsorb any remaining water in it. cactus and artic foxes are the usual lunch and dinner is usually elephants

No .No, lizards do not eat cactus.

you can not eat a barel cactus

No, they didn't eat cactus.

yes but they would obviously dislike it.

Camel Crickets eat anything organic.

A camel eats cactus and dry shrubs. Since there is not much water in the desert, the camel can survive without water because it has fat in its' humps and that acts as liquid for the camel. Camels eat a wide variety of plants over expansive home ranges. They have leathery mouths and can eat practically any vegetation including thorns, dry vegetation and salt bush that other mammals avoid. Just about all vegetation available in the desert.

how offten does a cactus wren eat

Camel is not carnivore.

b'coz they need less water to survive

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