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Co-signing means that you accept 100% financial liability for the contract in question. The manner in which the contract is adhered too has equal impact on your credit.

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If I moved from my mothers apartment can I move back in after 3 years?

Assuming you are an adult you have no right to move into your mother's apartment. You would need her consent.

Where do i find cohoes rentals?

Assuming you mean house or apartment rentals, here's a site where you can start: http://cohoes.ny.house.info/

Assuming an apartment allows pets what types of animals are allowed?

There is alot of animals you can have in your apartment, such as a bird, a dog, a cat, fishes and even reptiles. But i believe that Dogs and Cats are the most popular pets.

When does an agreement become void?

Assuming a contractual agreement, a contract is void ab initio if it is a breach of law and public policy in the first place. In the case it isn't, it can become void where there is a breach of contract.

How would the speed of an object be affected if it were in a vacuum?

Assuming you keep applying a constant force, it will accelerate indefinitely up to the speed of light

Can you be evicted by a landowner from your home and business that you own?

Assuming that you own the buildings, and the landlord owns the land beneath the buildings, the answer is yes, if the lease agreement allows it. Check your agreement for conditions where a landlord can force you off his land.

How old is Harry Styles girlfriend?

Assuming you are referring to Caroline Flack: She is 32, but the pair have recently split under a "mutual" agreement.

Can one tenant terminate a month-to-month rental agreement in order to keep out another cohabitant on the lease agreement without the consent of the other tenant and still reside in the property?

No, only the owner of the property would be able to break the agreement assuming the landlord had valid reason(s) for taking the action.

How many people can live in a 2 bedroom apartment?

Firstly, it depends on what your landlord will tolerate. Four should be fine. Five will likely be tolerated, assuming it is two adults and three children. More than five and you're inviting trouble. If the landlord does not impose a limit, your local government will surely have a maximum that it considers safe. Best to talk to your landlord and come to an agreement.

Can any other monies from the past be deducted from child support payments?

Assuming that the "monies from the past" were used to support the child: yes, with the court's agreement.

Why won't the thirsty guards accept the water?

Assuming that you're playing FireRed or LeafGreen, you actually have to give them tea, which you get from an old lady at the Cerulean City apartment building.

If a criminal record is expunged can a person then rent an apartment without any trouble?

Assuming you're working and your credit is decent, there should be no problem. Your record should be clear.

Are apartment rentals a profitable business for someone under 30 years of age?

Yes, renting apartments is a profitable business, assuming you have the money to invest in the purchase and upkeep of the apartments.

What part does prenup agreement plays at the time of property distribution in divorce?

One way to ensure that both parties receive a favorable distribution is to create a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage. Assuming that the agreement doesn't overly benefit one spouse more than the other, the court will typically grant the property distribution as outlined in the prenup.

Can you take Vyvanse and become a police officer?

Yes, this should not prevent one from becoming a police officer...assuming that the person applying is upfront regarding the condition that he/she is receiving the medication for.

How does one go about leaving the home of his parents?

If one is ready to leave the home of his parents he simply needs to get a job, find an apartment and move out. This, of course, is assuming that he is of legal age to do so.

Is singular a noun to the word agreedment?

First off, there is no such word as agreedment. But assuming it's just a typo for agreement, if it's preceded by singular, the word singular is an adjective, not a noun.

Do you have to tell them when applying your a convicted felon?

It's better if you do. There is a chance, (assuming you are now square with the law) that they'd still hire you. But if you don't put it down, and they find out later - you would be fired, guaranteed.

What are my rights as a guaranteer?

Assuming that there is a written agreement showing that you agreed to serve as a guarantor on behalf of a creditor, the guarantor (or as you call it, a guaranteer) generally has the same rights and defenses against a creditor as the debtor would have. Often, the written agreement guaranteeing the creditor, will spell out what rights and defenses a guarantor may assert.

What stops a bleeding cut?

Pressure, put pressure on it and hold it. ================================ That's right. Assuming the cut is not serious enough to require medical attention, applying pressure on the cut is the best way to stop the bleeding.

What is the biggest integer of the numbers 3 7 6 0 4?

Assuming the question requires the biggest number formed using the given digits - rather than applying mathematical operations to them - the answer is 76430.

What was the agreement between Italy and Germany?

ANS: Agreement between in Italy and Germany on Galileo Contribution An agreement has been reached between Italy and Germany on contribution to the Galileo programme, which, if acceptable to the other countries involved, will pave the way for the official launch of the Galileo joint undertaking's activities. The agreement was reached at the governmental level, and foresees Italy assuming responsibility for the part of the programmed, while Germany will manage the space facet. Germany will also host the joint undertaking's sites, where 30 satellites will be constructed.

Why measurement of resistance of electrode is accurate in ac not in dc?

Assuming you are talking about an earth (or ground) electrode, then applying d.c. results in electrolytic action which separates charges within the soil, giving a false indication of resistance.

Can you be forced to pay for a paved driveway as a renter?

No, property repairs and improvements are the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord can however raise the person's rent to offset expenses, assuming there is not a valid rental agreement disallowing the action.

Can you undo your divorce after it has been settled?

We might have to define some terms. When you say the case has been settled, has a judgment of divorce been entered (i.e., filed in the Court)? If not, and the parties are in agreement, (at least here in New York) they can sign and file a stipulation of discontinuance. Essentially, your advising the Court that the case is withdrawn. Assuming that the divorce decree has been finalized and filed, it might be possible, assuming the parties are in agreement, to make an application to the court to vacate the judgment, and then file a stipulation of discontinuance.

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