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Would heavier oil or higher octane gas help an Aerostar van that needs a head gasket?


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2004-07-26 10:32:41
2004-07-26 10:32:41

Hey James==The only thing that will cure the engine is a head gasket. Goodluck Joe


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It would only hurt if the car required 89 octane or 92 octane and you went to a lesser octane. Those cars are engineered to run on a higher octane. A car engineered for the lower 87 octane might actually see some performance improvement by going to a higher octane once or twice, because the higher octane will help to clean the injectors a "little". Not much though. Over all there is no real significance to using the higher octane. The higher the octane level, the "richer" or "heavier" the fuel is. So if the car is not manufactured for the higher octane, you will eventually cause carbon build up at a faster rate than normal.

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octane is how volatile the gas is the higher the octane the bigger the boom and cleaner it burns

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Yes, higher octane gas does give higher gas mileage for your car. However, the increase in gas mileage may not as great as the increase in the price of the higher octane gas.

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Octane has a higher boiling point than pentane because octane has a larger number of carbon atoms than propane

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Regular Unleaded 87 octane. The use of a higher octane is a waste of money and will provide no benefit whatsoever.Regular Unleaded 87 octane. The use of a higher octane is a waste of money and will provide no benefit whatsoever.

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