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If you already have a female guinea pig she should share with anouther female. If you have a male he should not share with any other guinea pigs because most male guinea pigs don't like other males if they aren't together from birth and a female guinea pig would get pregnant. it is possable to add male and female together but only if you are willing to take the male to get the chop >.< if u want your female to have a friend yes add a female friend if its a boy then add a younger male making sure befor u add the new male that the cage or hutch has been freshly cleaned out ....good space and always plenty of food and water ....also a male may fight with anther male if they can smell a female around ...

2008-10-02 15:29:58
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Can chinchilla share a cage with a guinea pig?

No. Guinea pigs need a different environment from chinchillas. It would be best to house them in different places. If your guinea pig/chinchilla are lonely put their cages opposite each other.

What do you do when a guinea pig is pregnant?

hi there I'm Chloe Brooks and i own a guinea pig farm so i will tell you what to do if your pregnant female guinea pig is with other female (not pregnant) guinea pigs then its fine and she can give birth to the babies with the other guinea pigs if your pregnant female guinea pig is by her self then she will be fine to give birth to her babies if your pregnant female guinea pig is with a male(s) guinea pig then its best to separate her 2 weeks before her babies are due as female guinea pigs can become dominant and aggressive towards males when there pregnant I hope that your guinea pig will have lovely babies good luck for you and your guinea pig! greets Chloe Brooks

What is the best guinea pig?

Well it would probably be best if you got a guinea pig from a breeder or a petstore

What is the best name for a girl guniea pig?

I am not sure, but personally I would think would be GiGibecause it is kind of unusual and different just like a Guinea Pig, but then again it would depend on its colour, but GiGi is a great name for a female Guinea Pig.

What kind of pet would be the best?

a guinea pig. but if u get 2 males they will fight. if u get a male and a female they may not like each otheer.

Are other female guinea pigs ok in the cage with guinea pig babies and the mother?

I would not recommend it. Just have the Mother Guinea Pig in with her babies separately. Sometimes the other guinea pigs can get excited and accidentally stomp the babies to death so best to keep Mom &amp; babies separate.

Why would a young guinea pig die suddenly?

Main reason for young guinea pigs (only for female guinea pigs)to get killed is by getting pregnant too early because these piggies get mature very young(2-3 months-someone please confirm) but their body functions will not be mature by this stage. best way to get rid of this is by separating male and female pigs.

Do you separate Male and female Guinea pigs?

DEAR VIEWER,IT MAY BE BEST TO SEPARATE YOUR MALE AND FEMALE GUINEA PIGS. UNLESS YOU WOULD LIKE ABOUT 10 MORE GUINEA PIGS.MY DESISON WOUL BE TO SEPARATE THEM :DYOUR WRIGHTER,JENNAELLIOTTthe male can also be dangerous to the mother of little pups, due to its urge to have back to back breeding . the mother will not be able to handle it and may die. males can also be territorial and kill other guinea pigs or baby guinea pigs

What guinea pig is best for a 12 year old?

An absynnian pig would be the best

Which gender of guinea pig is the best?

Female, they are often gentler, and males will fight with each other when they turn 1 (or about then).

Is their a guinea pig that don't shed?

If you're looking for a guinea pig that doesn't shed, a Skinny Pig would be your best bet. They are hairless guinea pigs.

Who is the best female pitcher of all time?

The best female pitcher of all times would be Jennie Finch! She is the best of the best!

Who is the best guinea pig?

If you are talking about breed of guinea pig, The best breed, In my personal experience would be the Abyssinian. They not only have a cute hair-do but they have a great personality and are really smart! The other breed of guinea pig that makes the best pet would also be the Teddy, although their fur can be a bit difficult to look after.

What is the best small pet for kids. Rabbits. Guinea Pigs?

I Would Say The Best Is Guinea Pigs Because They Are Easy Work And A lot Easier To Handle.

How to tell female guinea pig babies?

it is hard to tell, and there are many sites on the internet that you can go on to tell, but this is the one that I like best.

Should you get a guinea pig for your rabbit as her friend got eaten by a cat and you want a friend for her the rabbit is 3 and a female?

They can get along fine. Best bet would be to get another female rabbit though. Or you could just get her some toys and treats as rabbits do fine by themselves.

What can you do to cure a guinea pig?

The best thing to do would be to take it to the vet and see what they think. If you have any other guinea pig questions message me!!

What kind of guinea pig is better male or female?

Well, it really depends, see, if you are planning on getting two guinea pig's it's not the best idea to get two males.. They tend to fight. So if you are planning on getting two guinea pig's I suggest that you get either two females or a female and a male. But, if you get a male and a female , they can have baby's but females usually only have baby's after about 4months of age. But if you are planning on getting just one guinea pig, both males and females are great!

What age can you breed a pig?

it is best to start breeding a female guinea pig between 6 weeks to 5 months. it is not recommended to breed a female guinea pig after 5 months because just like in humans after a certain age ther eis complication it goes for the guinea pigs aswell. but if the guinea pig has had its first litter before 5 months then it is okay to continue breed her. hope this helps

What is the best character on oblivion for an assassin?

your best bet would be a male bosmer or a female/male khajiit or female argonian

How do you care for a baby guinea pig with a broken foot?

It would be best to take it to the vet

What is the best bedding for guinea pig?

i think pine. my guinea pig likes it she digs in it and kinda burrows in it, OS i would say pine personaly!

Is a male guinea pig or a female guinea pig frendlier?

If you mean to humans I would say it depends on the individual guinea pig. Either can be very sweet and friendly (I know from experience).If you mean with other guinea pigs females definitely females. The exceptions are if you have a male and a female that are both fixed then they can become good friends and some books say you can keep two males together if they are brothers (that have been together since they were born) but I would say that is a little risky because there is more chance they will not get along.AnswerFor pets, female guinea pigs are best. They can be kept in groups where as some people have trouble keeping a number of male guinea pigs together. Having female guinea pigs also removes the likely hood of you having to deal with impacted rectums which are common in male guinea pigs. Although, Male Guinea Pigs tend to be more affectionate towards the owner, once two male guinea pigs are put together it may take a while for them to get used to one other, but once they do, they are very friendly. They are happiest in pairs.In a pet shop I went to get my two guinea pigs, Gillespie and Google, both Males, there was a notice above the Guinea Pig pen that read 'Please note that Male Guinea Pigs tend to be friendlier than Female'I would describe a Guinea Pig as "a fat hamster with a slightly longer face" and you could add that the mouth us much lower then what you think. (i'm looking at 2 of them right now) they itch like dogs sometimes and are persistent. they have a tail about 3cm long or shorter you can barley see it. i love them.

Would it hurt a guinea pig to eat hamster food?

It can. Guinea pigs have differentnutritionalneeds than hamsters. Guinea pigs need a diet high in vitamin C. Also guinea pigs can choke on nuts and seeds. Best to stick with guinea pig food for guinea pigs. Try to avoid food with seeds andkernelseven if it isadvertisedfor guinea pigs as it is best to stick with pellets. Guinea pigs have a differentdigestivesystem opposed to hamsters. Be sure to have hay available for guinea pigs for them to graze when they want. Timothy hay is the main part of their diet.AlfalfaHay is best left to baby guinea pigs as it has highcalcium. Orchard hay is well liked among guinea pigs.

Can rabbits go with guinea pigs?

YesA Guinea Pigs Best-Friend Would Be A Rabbit. Especially If Your Guinea Pigs Fight The Rabbit Will Cause A Nice Connecton Through The Hutch Or Cage !!!!x