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Would it be dangerous if a 15-year-old drank 20 shots in a one minute period?

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December 09, 2008 8:47AM

== == * When I was a kid of the same age (early 90s) I could walk into a liquor store at 15 and buy several cases of alcohol at a time. Just wore a short shirt basically. Do I advocate it now? Of course not, but I am aware that it happens. Probably more frequently now than when I was a kid. Alcohol is extremely accessible. What we need to focus on is not how accessible it is because that will take a long long time to change but rather why it is that kids are looking to drink like that in the first place. == == * Drinking that much in that amount of time is roughly equivalent to holding a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. The average human body can metabolize, or break down into other components, one shot of Old Panther Sweat per hour. 20 times that amount, in 1/60th of an hour, is possibly enough to kill. The human body is amazingly resilient, but this behavior is more than the body can handle. It's unbelievable that someone would even try it..but I've know people who did, and at least one who died from it. Party hearty, but make sure you have a death benefit policy. That way your friends and family won't have to pay to bury your pickled remains. Have fun. == == * Death plain and simple. == == * It's illegal and yes very harmful. If you are asking this question as a parent, the REAL question is, who is the adult in your family? == == * When a fifteen year old drinks 20 shots of liquor in a one minute period is considered binge drinking. That can result in alcohol poisoning which also results in death. Even a person who is over forty years old and over two hundred pounds can get killed drinking 20 shots of liquor in a one minute period. == == * You can die from drinking 20 shots in an hour, never mind in a minute. == == * It depends on what you mean by "dangerous". After 20 shots, you would first pass out, then your body will try and rid the poison (alcohol) by making you vomit while you are passed out. Then your body will crave oxygen and you'll take a big breath (still passed out) and your vomit will get sucked into your lungs, whereby you basically suffocate on your own vomit. And you will also pee your pants and poop your pants. Then somebody finds your body. Does that sound dangerous?? You decide. (P.S.) This pertains to everybody, not just young, strong healthy bodies. == == * I'm well aware that people can buy alcohol for kids and do you think that this just happens in 21 century. I grew up in the 50s and guys would get someone to go into the liquor store. At least in Canada you have to show your ID and even if you borrowed someones ID you wouldn't get away with it in our liquor stores because the ID has your picture on it. Binge drinking can kill you!