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Put different food coloring in jar (you can add water if you want lighter color) then take a carnation and split the stem into however many jar of coloring you have. Stick part of a stem in each jar then leave it for a couple hours. This is called colorful carnation if you would like to look it up on the internet. Or go to

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What would happen if you cross a red carnation with a white carnation?

A white carnation crossed with a red carnation makes a pink carnation.

If you could change the colors of the rainbow what colors would you change them to?

what kind of question is this? its an opinion question therefore it is unanswerable

How often would you water your carnation plant?

Water your carnation at least twice a week unless there is rain.

What would you get if all cars in the US were red?

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Can a carnation go outside in the winter?

Carnations would suffer from the cold. So if your winter is cold, then the carnation will die eventually if you stay outside long enough.

Does lizards change their colors?

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What is the scientific name of a carnation?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Dianthusspp.

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The leaves would change colors and fall off if the tree is a deciduous tree

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What would happen to a carnation flower if you dip it into colored water?

If a carnation is placed in colored water, an altered color of bloom will result. This is a demonstration of the capillary action within the stem of the plant.

What color corsage would you wear on Mother's Day if your mother is alive?

a red Carnation

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It would be predicted that it would smell like ammonia, but when performing the actual test myself I found no odor change. I would probably predict a possible pH change. It would be predicted that it would smell like ammonia, but when performing the actual test myself I found no odor change. I would probably predict a possible pH change.

What is the name of a small red flower?

a carnation or dianthus would be an example of a small red flower

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