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Would like to know the workout routine the Brazilian women do to get there body lookin so fit?


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September 13, 2011 6:47PM

Well I am not an expert, but I have looked up some information on not only Brazilian but alot of south American traditional way of living.

It is different there than in the United States. The women tend to get more cardio workout then most North American women, they dance samba, they do copeira and play soccer, so alot of them have lean legs, also they usually don't feed off of fast food and junk like most Northern American women.

I can't speak for all Brazilian women but I am just saying they are more active. Try to look up samba dancing or you will see how they dance and alot of their dance move are a bit complicated where it is basically a hard cardio work out. It works out the legs, glutes and the side to side twisting would work out obliques but it is mostly a heavy cardio workout.