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insurance rates would be lower

insurance rates would be lower

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Q: Would rasing the driving age reduced the number of cars accidents and deaths in New Zealand?
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What is the approximate number of deaths in the US caused by drunk driving accidents?


What is the leading cause of unintentional deaths?

For Youth: Trampoline accidents For Teens: Motor Vehicle Accidents (primarily texting while driving) For College Students: Motor Vehicle Accidents

What are the main reasons for car-related deaths?

The main causes for car accidents are reckless and negligent driving and alcohol.

How many traffic accidents happen yearly?

In the United States, there are approximately 6 million car accidents a year, with about 40,000 deaths. About 40% of those deaths are the direct result of a drunken driver, 30% is due to speeding, and 33% is due to reckless driving.

How many drunk driver accidents are there per year?

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. In 2008 there were 13,846 fatalities directly related to driving under the influence in the United States and account for 37% of vehical related deaths.

What is the leading cause of deaths for age 16-24 in the US?

accidents/car accidents

More deaths result from accidents at work than from accidents that occur in the home?


Deaths in traffic accidents in 2003 IN US?

In 2003 there were 6328000 car accidents in US.

What is the leading cause of deaths in teens?

Car accidents.

Were their death in skydiving?

yes there were some deaths and accidents.

Are there more bicycle deaths than airline deaths?

No. There is less aircraft deaths or accidents are way lesser than motorcycle-related deaths.

How many drunk driving deaths in 2008?

There were 11,773 drunk driving deaths in 2008.

How many people die each year from horse accidents?

There is no set number of deaths per year due to the fact that deaths by horse accidents are unpredictable.

Number of deaths due to automobile accidents in 1900?


How many deaths were caused by car accidents in 2008?


How many deaths occur daily from auto accidents?


What is the danger of driving under 18?

The danger of driving under 18 is the one driving is still not an adult yet, so he will not think wisely. If thats happen accidents and deaths comes to the end. And they can kill their self and other innocent people around them.

How many Car accidents deaths seatbelts?

According to statistics about 63% of people killed in accidents are not wearing seatbelts.

How many deaths from car accidents daily?

How many people die in car accidents daily in america , 3,700

How many deaths are caused by car accidents each year?

Worldwide there are about 1.2 million deaths each year.

What is the most leading cause of suicides or deaths in general?

Car accidents

How many deaths are caused by car accidents Australia?

About 1,400 annually.

How many deaths from alcohol per year?

25,000 car accidents

How many deaths are caused by car accidents a year in Canada?


Nearly half of the accidental deaths in homes are the result of what?

accidents in the bathroom