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What you are asking is impossible if the conduit wiring is done properly. This is another homework question you should think about yourself...pkazsr

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Q: Would the electric bill increase if a water pipe touches an electrical conduit and heats the water?
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What is the function of the third prong in a household electric plug?

To safely ground an electrical appliance. If the hot touches the metal grounded case the circuit breaker will open and stop the current.

Why you did not feel electric shock in electric train?

though the trains body is made up of a conductor, it is isolated from sources, feeders and electrical circuits. observe the pentograh ( a stand like structure on an electrical engine that touches the electrical feeder or conctor overhead ). it is mounted on a ceramic insulator, all the parts connceted to it are isolated from the train's body. these insulators will completely neutralize the voltage stress on trains body. so, you dont experience any shock.

How do electric and magnetic forces act on different object?

They push or pull when it touches.

If the male end of an electrical connector on a motorcycle touches the negative portal on a 12 volt battery what electrical damage could occur?


Electric fence are not connected to the ground in the circuit?

Right you are, the animal makes the ground connection when it touches it.

What is the purpose of insulation on the electric wire?

When someone says 'wire' and 'insulation' they typically refer to 'electrical insulation' (as opposed to, say, thermal insulation). Electrical insulation prevents electricity from leaving the wire from things that the wire touches (like your hand!). The most common form of insulation for wires is plastic, like all your cords use.

When will water cause a burn?

when it touches electrical objects such as computer toaster blender etc. then it starts to burn.

What do you do when someone touches a live wire?

When someone touches a live wire, it could cause them to get an electric shock. You must not touch the person if they got electrocuted but you should call an ambulance immediately.

When you feel electricity run through you when he touches you what does it mean?

He is touching something with an electrical current and has made you part of the circuit.

Electric fence are not connected to the ground in the circuit true or false?

That would be true, the animal makes the ground when it touches it.

Ways to increase height of cheerleading jump toe touches hurdler pikeetc?

Splits and stretch every day

How do you render first aid to a unconscious from electrical shock?

You really can't,if they are uncoscious do not touch them they may still have electrical wave moving through them that could harm anyone who touches them,the best think to do is contact 911.

Why does a cow that touches an electric fence experience a mild shock?

When the cow comes into contact with the fence, it becomes an electric ground which sends an electric current into the cow, through the cow, and into the ground. The pain experienced from the shock is due to the current that flows through the cow.

What prevents you from receiving electric shock if a wire comes loose and touches the metal casing of an appliance?

An earthed, fused circuit will protect you from shock

Will rubber stop you from getting electracutited?

no it will not stop you from getting electrocuted, unless the rubber touches what ever it is first. Friction gives you electric shocks.

How does electrical energy change to sound energy?

Electrical energy to sound energyExampleSpeakerA coil of wire(voice coil) is placed (inside the cone) in magnetic field produced by a strong permanent magnet, the signal to converted is applied to the coil, so a magntic field is produced due to electric current in the coil. The coil system and permanent magnetic field interacts, so mechanical motion is produced and it causes the coil to move to&fro and it touches the cone, therby reproducing sound from the electrical signal..

How does electricity pass from one person to another?

Well when someone touches something with an electric current on it a hole will be ripped in his/her skin and if someone else touches him before it hits the ground a hole will rip through their skin again and so on on the next person

How does a touch screen sense your touch?

I believe there are two ways: One involves heat sensing. One involves electrical currents that are disrupted when someone touches the screen, and the disruption of the electrical currents can be used to determine where the screen was touched.

What energy transformation takes place when an electric drill is used?

Electricity is turned into mechanical rotation.Some of the rotation removes material from the hole while some becomes heat energy.assuming the electric drill has no monitors and has just a drill, and assuming the electric drill is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, things happen in the order below starting with the drill battery charger1. drill charger converts electrical energy into chemical energy and stores it into the lithium ion battery2. when the user pushes the power button of the drill, chemical energy of the lithium ion battery is converted into electrical energy3. the electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy by the coil in the drill motor4. the magnetic energy then converts into kinetic energy and spins the drill head5. when the drill head touches something, part of the kinetic energy is converted into sound energy which we hear, thermal energy is also created when the drill touches something, which is caused by friction

How Does an Electric Current Travel through a Circuit?

well, if the neutron touches the negative charge it repels, so it doesn't really affect this question at all.

When a live battery feed wire touches the metal frame shorting all electrical power out throughout the entire vehicle what is the problem that needs correcting?

insulate the 'live battery feed wire'. i.e.; electrical tape. Or, replace wire.

Why do get electrocuted if you're wet?

the metal is a conducting metal and when this touches water it becomes the second conductor and so it sends an electrical surge to what ever is touching the water (you!).

How do you create an electric fence?

You need an electric fence controller, first off. The purpose of an electric fence is to scare whatever touches it into staying away. If you try to make one by wiring it to mains power, you will just kill whatever touches it. You can get a controller at Tractor Supply Co. After procuring a controller, running an electric fence is a simple matter of stringing wire on insulated posts. You connect the controller to your fence and ground, and there you have it. Talk to the salesperson at the Tractor Supply store. They will have controllers, wire, insulators, posts that can be easily installed, gate handles, and whatever else you need.

Does a jellyfish tentacles have electric?

No. When a jellyfish's tentacle touches you, it activates a trigger that sends a barb into you. This barb is much like a bee's stinger, but attached to a strand of tissue.

A person is swimming when a fish touches his foot. His heartbeat and breathing increase for a few seconds until he realizes the fish is harmless. Which part of the nervous system returns his heartbeat to normal?

Parasympathetic. (Apex)