Would the people who were bullying others regret what they did?


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No because they proably got bullied before and now they want to do it to people NOW


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Bullying actually shows a LACK of respect for others. Bullying violates and demeans the victim in many ways, which is not something a person that respected others would want to do.

Bullying is very controversial. Some believe that if you do something like shoving someone down a hallway is bullying. But others may believe that you would be just playing around.

You would actually would need help with bullying because bullying can lead to serious problems, it can lead to people self harming there-selves for example cutting there self and can lead to not eating and can also lead to people fighting. Bullying gets taken seriously and that is because bullying can involve racism and also if people are bullies, you can report it to the police Hope this has helped

No! That would be more down to people and society.

They would at least be blocked from whatever site they are using once the bullying has been reported and verified. There is the problem that not much is done to stop it, this is why the bullies carry on and continue to ruin others lives. Until it is made illegal it will be hard to stop.

It could be either. As a verb you would say "she is bullying him" and as a noun you would say "bullying is bad."

Nothing. If regret my life then I would regret how I have lived. Life is what it is and we do the best we can.

Phonal bullying would be bullying by telephone. That could include name-calling, hangup calls, playing adult materials to another over the phone, etc. It could also involve defamation and inciting others to do things against the victim.

Bullying can effect everyone, no matter what age, gender or culture. Obviously, one of them main people that bullying effects if the victim, but it can also effect the parents of the victim who would be worrying about their child, friends, teachers, other students and other people who may care about the victim. In the home, serious bullying or 'child abuse' would deeply effect the child's holistic development, this is their all round develop. Physical, social, emotional, intellectual and linguistic. Bullying can deeply effect the child's future especially in making attachments and relationships with others as they may have lost trust in the people they care about. It can and often does effect their school life which makes it harder for them to learn. This would effect their future when it comes to getting a job as they will have less education. Daniel

For bullying others, they certainly are not cool. They would have to change their attitude and behavior for many to even think of considering them cool.

If you look at only the Ten Commandments, about the only thing in there that can be applied to bullying is the one on bearing false witness. Lying on others is just one type of bullying. However, the two greatest commandments would include bullying since we are to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbors as we would ourselves. Would you lie on yourself, extort money from yourself, beat yourself up, push yourself down some steps, etc? No, so don't do it to other people. There is also the golden rule, and that is a paraphrase of a Bible verse. So if we don't want other people to do things to us, then we have no business doing those things to others. Bullying even goes against what more fundamentalist believers teach. They say to hate the sin but love the sinner. So with that attitude, one would speak to someone about their perceived "flaws" but not act out in hate against them. While some might consider that hateful or judgmental, it is still better than bullying.

no.. we don't regret voting for him.. u just probrably are so shell shock from bush that you expecting too much too soon..Plus its not his fault that people are ignorant enough to place all their hope in another human being..people werent made to perfect others lives..we must find our own answers without placing blame on others..if you feel our countries problems just started then you should take a history refresher course and imagine yourself in the place of some of us that have always had to fight for equality in America as a minority..think about that...don't regret who you voted for..regret the fact that you depend others to determine the quality of your life..that would be impossible for myself as a black woman to do..my people would have never had a chance..you hold the power...once we one by one improve our standards as humans, then we can critique our leader

because if we don't, who would stop it or care for the people who have been bullied, or find out why people bully other people

It depends on the context. If you said this to a friend in a joking manner, it would normally not be considered as bullying. Your friend may feel hurt, but it would not bullying. However, if you have said this multiple times in a threatening manner, it would be considered bullying.

There's not particularly a certain time of the year or anything, though bullying at school would happen when school is in session, and bullying is general is more likely to happen in the summer. It would be more likely to occur when someone is dressed in a gender variant sort of way, when the person is alone, or when they are engaging in what others consider gay behavior.

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to know what you regret - you'll have to answer the question honestly and tell them what you regret and why.

Answer I think it would be a situation where a person is bullied into doing something they do not want to do by friends or others of the same age group.

A lot of people have committed suicide from cyber bullying, of course it has the same penalties as regular, it is ILLEGAL!

Before it was more physical bullying with boys. And girls would exclude one person. But know any one can take up an identity and hurt and embarrass others.

It is very possible that she would regret leaving the town. Because she was famous around that area for the scarlet letter, she would be leaving a place where everyone knew her and talked about her; although it was negative attention, it is still attention she might like. Others argue that she would regret leaving the spiritual experience of being constantly reminded of her sin which in turn pushes her to be a stronger Christian. If you meant is it possible she would regret not leaving the town, of course she would feel regret. She went through torturous scoldings and being the outcast of the town daily and will also probably never find a man again.

school would let the children know and have a memorial service and let the children know get a school counciller so evey child can talk about it, make sure there is more people notice about bullying, make sure people know there is help out there

According to Google Translate, stop bullying would be "स्टप थिचोमिचो"

Bullying would be worse, although name-calling is one of the components of bullying. Bullying in general is not just name-calling, but also physical abuse, extortion, and psychological torture.

Well on my side of view i would say no because people could be taking unnecessary photos or things or people which could cause bullying. On the other hand some people believe cameras should be allowed to capture pictures of people bullying or carrying dangerous items.

why do farmers sometimes regret being in its valley

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