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Would you be able to play PC games on windos vista premium?

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You'll normally be able to play any games developed by Microsoft on Vista and most of the othes games also.

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Why Changed vista to windos the sounds not playing?

changed vista to windosxp sounds not playing

If you had a Windows xp and upgrade to vista when you reboot it will it be windos xp?

No. Obviously, if you upgrade to Windows Vista, you will have Windows Vista.

Im change your windos from vista to xp and im lose your driver wireless adaptar for acer aspire 3680?

Im change my windos from vista to xp and im loose the driver wireless adaptar for acer aspire 3680?"

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Business?

Vista Home Premium : Not Linux! Get linux! Vista Business : Not Linux! Get linux!

How do you enable Windows Vista to Windows Vista home premium upgrade in Windows Vista?

All the platforms of Vista are on the DVD (or 5 CD's). You have to have the Home Premium serial to unlock the features. Why do that though when an Ultimate serial would do so much nicer. :)

Does Microsoft office come with vista home premium?

You may buy a computer that has vista home premium and Microsoft office on it. But generally it does not come automatic with vista home premium, it is a separate program.

What is Windows Vista home premium lite?

That edition of Windows Vista does not exist. Windows Vista exists in two editions for home users: Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Is Microsoft Works 2000 compatible with Vista Home Premium?

I have not had problems using access 2000 on Vista home premium

Is there anything about windows home vista premium that is not compatible with windows Microsoft office professional 2003?

No, it is compatiable with vista home premium, I have had it.

How do you put windos vista to a PSP?

You can not put Windows Vista on your PSP system. However, you can download programs such as PSPWXP which is a series of web pages made to look like the Vista operating system. If you would like to know more about this program, please visit:

Is Microsoft Word included with Windows Vista Home Premium?

I might add that I don't know what comes with built in software like vista home premium but sur would like to know if Microsoft word is included

What is the difference between Windows Vista and windows premium?

THere is no such OS called windows premium., but in vista there are many flavours called vista basic, home premium and vista ultimate. In these variations the higher you go the more extra features u get and obviously the more you pay for it. LIke vista basic does have windows aero and home premium does not have dream scenes, bit locker etc which ultimate has., but the basic OS is the same. :)

Which company produces Vista Home Premium?

Vista Home Premium is produced by Microsoft Windows. It is one edition of the Vista series, the others are: starter; home basic; business; ultimate; and, enterprise.

Advance features Windows Vista home premium and Windows Vista home basic?

Home Basic does not contain aero special effects, but, Premium contains it. Visit for any doubts on Vista.

What are the 5 versions of windows vista?

I think Windows Vista versions maybe. eg:Windows Vista Home Premium,Starter...

Which version of vista includes media center for PC?

Vista home premium and VIsta ultimate. -Back to Certification test

What Vista operating system supports advanced multimedia functions?

Windows Vista Home Premium

What are the advantages for using Microsoft Vista Premium?

there are not any

Is Excel included in Windows Home Vista Premium?


How many versions of Vista are available and what are their titles?

Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Premium.

How space windows vista needs?

It depends on what edition you have and what you enable, but my Vista installation (Vista Home Premium) took 10GB of space.

You have xp professional with a 2003 professional server will vista home premium be compatible?

You know vista home premium wont go onto a domain. You know that, dont you???

Vista Home Premium vs. Vista Home basic?

vista premium has 3D windows viewing...basic does not. allv round i m trying tio saapplication whereas basic doesnt not have a run application. Security is better on premium then basic SAMANTHA CAMMOCK SUCKS

What is Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate?

Windows Vista Ultimate is a premium operating system produced by the Microsoft Corporation. The term "Ultimate" describes the product as the most premium version of Windows Vista, it includes all additional features. Another example of "Windows Vista Ultimate" : Windows Vista Home Basic

Can vista SP1 Home Premium upgrade to vista SP2 RC?

Just get the full SP2 now.