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Would you have Jews in the Holocaust?


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there would not have been the Holocaust without the Jews.


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there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

The number of Jews before the Holocaust was 11,000,000. In the Holocaust 6,000,000 Jews died, which means after the Holocaust there were about 5,000,000 Jews.

Every country in Europe partially saved people from the holocaust. People would hide Jews in their homes until the holocaust was over.

The Jews did not make the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed IN the Holocaust. The Holocaust was created by Hitler, Himmler, and those in their political realm, not by Jews. The Jews were innocent. They were not guilty of anything

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

The Jews targeted in the Holocaust were civilians.

There was no 'leader of the Jews' during the Holocaust. The Jews were not a country or an organization.

most of them would die in the Holocaust.

The Jews did as they were told by the Nazis if they did not do as they asked they would have been killed.

The word used by Jews for the Holocaust is "The Shoah" which means "calamity" in Hebrew.

The Holocaust is mainly referred to Jews because Jews were mainly the ones persecuted.

because the Holocaust was all about the persecution of the Jews

The holocaust was the resolution. Nazis saw Jews as a problem and they thought exterminating them would be a good resolution. No, the Holocaust was simply stopped.

Yes, to be a Holocaust survivor one must have been a victim of the Holocaust, therefore by deffinition one would have to be Jewish.

There were around 15.3 million Jews in the world before the Holocaust and around 9.3 million Jews in the world after the Holocaust.

In the Holocaust Jews were killed simply for being Jews, in fact simply for existing.

About how many non Jews were killed in the Holocaust

The Holocaust is the name we give to the German attempted genocide of the Jews.

6 million jews were killed in the holocaust

Yes! There were MANY Holocaust survivors. About one-third of European Jews survived the Holocaust.

The Jews were singled out by the Nazi's during the Holocaust because they were seen as a threat for world dominance. They believed that if this happened, they would destroy the Germans.

they were hoping the jews would convert

During the Holocaust, about 6.6 Million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Six million non-Jews were killed during the Holocaust, too.

No country specifically 'helped the Jews' during the Holocaust.

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