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Make sure you have full coverage insurance on it, reguardless of how you choose. I would drive with insurance. Drive it, why else would you buy it? =Answer 3, More Information == Read and study your new vehicle's owner/operator MANUAL, as "break in" driving limitations are USUALLY covered. Also, just to be sure, check with a mechanic or Service Writer at the dealership where you bought the vehicle. Most new vehicle engines today have already been "broken in" during manufacturing testing, and could be driven long distances, BUT WITH SOME SPECIAL DRIVING LIMITATIONS: [1] Try to CONTINUALLY vary the speed, not just in segments of "X" number of minutes BUT, [2] Do NOT EVER drive for more than 5 or 10 minutes at any same speed, MORE IMPORTANT the higher the speed. [3] Never excede 70, better no more than 60 MPH at any time for the first 1000 miles. [4] If you've had it long enough to require an oil AND FILTER change, BE SURE to do it BEFORE LEAVING. [5] Actually, IF you have had it long enough [milage, not time] to require an oil and filter change, THEN there is NO problem driving it that distance. [6] For general safety purposes, check engine and automatic transmission levels, coolant reservoir, and tires BEFORE departure, and at every stop on the way. It is better to be safe than sorry. Actually, items 4 through 6 are a good idea, even if your vehicle is not brand new.

2006-11-07 09:55:21
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