Would you recommend paying for a subscription to governmentauctions.org?

I registered for this site last week and so far I pretty happy with their service. They cover the gamut when it comes to auction and yes they definitely have a ton of foreclosures (although that's not really what I'm looking for). I called their support line when I needed help finding an auction in my area and their rep was very kind and showed me how to navigate the site with ease. I highly recommend 'em.

I joined and went to several auctions. there were many items up for bid at the government auctions listed at GovernmentAuctions.org. I was able (in the third auction I went to) to buy several electronic items I needed for my business at a very good discount, and I also bought a very nice and good condition Rolex for my wife at about a 35% -40% discount from the market price that I ended up giving her on valentines day. The site also lists foreclosure properties all over the country, and we are now looking into buying a bigger house through those foreclosures and moving our of our smaller apartment. I recommend the resource, as the $40 annual fee is negligible in comparison to the benefits one can (and I did) reap.