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Sure, Yes

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Is it illegal to shoot a dollar bill with a bow and arrow?

No, but why would you want to?

How far can a canndon shoot?

Depends on the cannon. The field artillery used in the American Civil War could shoot about 1000 meters. The "Paris Gun" used by Germany in WW 1 could shoot 81 miles. The present day US 155 mm howitzer can shoot 25 miles with special guided ammunition.

Do airsoft rounds hurt?

It depends what gun you have.You could have a five hundred dollar high powered rifle.And you could have a two dollar kids gun.Then shoot them both at something and which dent is bigger is probably going to hurt more.

If you shoot a mine will it blow up?

It could happen, but it would depend on where you placed that shot.

What height do you have to be to shoot a picture of an island 5 miles by 5 miles?

150 miles high.

How far can the strongest gun shoot?


How far can a slingshot shoot?

120 miles

How far can a 22 shoot?

1-1.5 miles it could most likely reach 2 miles in a place like denver or like that but good luck hitting your target from that far

Would driving your car at about 65mph in second gear for about15 miles cause something to shoot out of the bottom and set the engine on fire?

It sure would.

What can you shoot that begins with the letter P?

You could shoot at a pigeon with a pistol.

What is the distance that an M4 rifle can shoot?

@ 3 miles

What did Heathcliff think could possibly become a reality in Wuthering Heights?

He was afraid Esgar would shoot him.

Which of these actions did Heathcliff think could possibly become a reality in Wuthering Heights?

Edgar would shoot him

What gun can shoot the furthest in the world?

The Kaiser Wilhelm gun of WW 1 could fire a shell about 81 miles. These were mounted on railroad cars.

Why would someone shoot a president?

because they could not like the president because the way he is and they could be mean and things like that jealous of their power Mary

How many miles can an arrow shot from a bow reach?

100 mi/hr Some bows could shoot an arrow over a mile, but not much further.

Is it possible to shoot rocks out of a gun?

No. Even if you could load a rock into a cartridge it would be obliterated by the charge of the gunpowder.

Could peoples shoot a Mexican into space on day?

No they could not.

Can you shoot up methadone?

You should not shoot methadone because it could be very fatal.

Can you shoot your dog in Canada?

If you have a gun and a dog I guess you could shoot your dog were ever you are

How far will a 22 rimfire rifle shoot?

@ 1.5 miles

How far will a 243 rifle shoot?

3-5 miles

What is the longest shoot done with a rifle?

2 miles or so

Is there a movie named shoot?

"Shoot" (1993). Stars Christopher Atkins, Patrick Cherry, Miles O'Keeffe, Dedee Pfeiffer.

What would happen if you shoot a bb gun up your nose?

It would hurt. It could do considerable damage and you would end up in a hospital. It is a very foolish move.