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Write a c program for queue operation?

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write a c program for implementing queue ?

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In order to write a program to convert stack into queue using c language you must be able to identify the proper program. Having a special certification in programing will be beneficial as well to make sure you recognize the proper queues for the programs.

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c program for implement a stack using two queue First push the given elements in stack1... then pop those elements and push them in 2nd stack... now pop the elements from this stack... thus implemented queue

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#include<iostream> #include<queue> #include<stack> int main() { std::queue<int> q; std::stack<int> s; for (int i=0; i!=10; ++i) { q.push (i); s.push (i); } std::cout << "Queue\tStack\n"; for (int i=0; i!=10; ++i) { std::cout << q.front() << '\t' << << '\n'; q.pop(); s.pop(); } }

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For first find an example program.

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You don't write an algorithm for a C++ program, unless you are documenting the C++ program after-the-fact. The normal procedure is to write the algorithm first, in a language independent fashion, and then translate that stated algorithm into C++ code, or into whatever language you wish.

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