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hey , no the jasper mainboard is perfect , i have an Xbox 360 elite with jasper board , i play about 6 or 7 hours a day but it's works very good , i don't think the jasper versions have rrod problem, i am from Iran , sorry for my bad English ...

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Q: Xbox 360 rrod problem is still in Jasper or not?
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Did Microsoft fix rrod permenetly?

Microsoft did fix the RROD. It is still common for some Xbox's to have the RROD though.

Xbox 360 Jasper?

Jasper is the latest chipset in the Xbox 360. Specifically the Arcade model. It is a 45 nm CPU and GPU and consumes very little power thus keeping the system cooler and avoiding the dreaded RRoD.

Why do you get the RROD?

Because I played the xbox too long and got the rrod.

Do the new gen Xbox 360's have rrod problems?

Yes They still have problems but their less frequent.

Can arcade get rrod?

Yes. All Xbox 360 consoles are prone to overheating, which causes the RROD.

How do you fix the RROD problem?

send it to Microsoft for the best results or try one of the following: unplug it for 1 min. and plug it back in wrap a towel around it buy the new xbox 360, it doesn't have the RROD problem and it has more memory

Does Xbox 360 slim get the rrod?

yes it can but not as much as the regular xbox 360 because of the newer fan that Microsoft has included in the slim 360 so there is alot less over heating if you don't wan to get the rrod very much then you should go with the slim xbox 360.

Does the xbox 360 Jasper chip work?

Yes, I have an xbox 360 with a jasper chip (yes I am sure it is a jasper) and my 360 gets only slightly warm after running halo 3 for 6 hours straight. It stays much cooler then my laptop or wii and and is the coolest (as in temerature) electronic divice I own. My xbox 360 works very well I have not had lag, freezing, or the rrod. If you are going to get a 360 get a one with a jasper chip to check if you have a jasper look on the power brick its should say, PSU Output: 150w. Yes the jasper chip works, it works very

What are the chances of Xbox's getting the RROD?

Im pretty sure any xbox 360 can get it, if youre a hard core 24 hour gamer, then you might get it because the xbox gets rrod from it overheating.

Will the new xbox 360 arcade get the rrod?


How does the xbox 360 RROD happen and how do you prevent it?

you can't prevent it, it happens when parts of the system get hot near the mother board and fry it. xbox has figured this out, and all new models are jasper models, and run cooler due to smaller and more spread out parts, as well as more fans. i heard of some way you can fix it, my friend said the video is on youtube, but it might not be worth it; i heard that xbox is installing the new jasper parts if you are still under the 3 year warranty.

Does a 2 pronged power cord help prevent the red ring of death on an Xbox 360?

No, one of the main reasons an Xbox get RROd is becaue of lack of power. The Xbox can run with little power but it will get RROD much faster.