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It's very unusual to get HCG negative. So don't worry

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Q: You've had a negative blood pregnancy test and you still have symptoms of pregnancy now you are feeling kicking can you still be pregnant?
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Your period is 5 months late you are experiencing no pregnancy symptoms your pregnancy tests came out negative Are you pregnant?

if you are feeling no symptoms and your pregnancy tests are turning out negative i would advise you to see your doctor. he/she will then be able to carry out tests to determine whether or not you are pregnant and rule out any problems

When do you start feeling symptoms of being pregnant?

How far along do you half to be to start feeling the symptom's of the pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant with 12 negative pregnancy tests and still no period and having no symptoms other than feeling bloated?

Go to the Doctor. You may have a clot or tumor in your uterus.

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms right before you miss your fist period?

The first symptoms of pregnancy normally come just after your first missed period, but the most common symptom is feeling tired and having this feeling that you are pregnant.

Do you can consive still after feeling simtoms of pregnansy?

A woman cannot conceive while she is pregnant, but if the symptoms of pregnancy are false and she is not pregnant, she could conceive.

If i have a negative pregnancy test but feeling nausea can i still be pregnant?

In some cases yes you can, But go to a doctor to be sure!

Is it normal to feel pregnancy symptoms and fetal movement but have negative home pregnancy test while having the IUD?

If you are feeling movement in your belly, it is much more likely to be gas. You would not have a negative pregnancy test at the point in a pregnancy when you'd feel fetal movement. You should look for another explanation for your "pregnancy symptoms."

Can you get symptoms of pregnancy when your really not?

Yes you can. If you get it into your head that you think you're pregnant then you feel like you're getting the symptoms... Several times I've had a very late period and i convinced myself i was pregnant; feeling sick etc until i took a test. It came out negative and as soon as i'd seen that result i no longer had symptoms!

What is a phantom pregnancy and its symptoms?

A phantom pregnancy is when a woman thinks she is pregnant, though all tests are negative and possess all pregnancy symptoms ( swollen/tender breasts, frequent urination, weight gain, nausea, etc.). Basically they full their body into thinking it is pregnant. Some women will have a phantom pregnancy for up to seven months and even admit to feeling the "baby" kick, even though nothing is really there.

Is feeling bloated and swollen burst symptoms of pregnancy?


If you have the feeling that your pregnant along with symptoms and urine tests come up negative is there any way to find out other than going to the doctor because i don't have insurance?

yes wait ten days and take another urine test -if it is negative you are not pregnant. pregnancy symptoms can be brought out by stress and hormone swings. try not to be scared joymaker rn

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