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If you have DHCP installed in automatic mode just connect to router and everything will work.

If you use manual configuration then make sure that all your PC(s) in the same sub-network. Address should like that: 192.168.(same number for all PCs).xxx (192.168.1.xxx, xxx can be from 1 up to 254, and this number should be different for all PCs).

Also make sure that you PCs are in the same workgroup (win+Pause->Computer Name->Change). If you have to change the workgroup name you will have to restart your PC(s) after that.

After that press Start->Run. In run print "cmd". In cmd ping and (ans so on). It will check connection with itself and with another PC.

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How do you configure Wireless networking?

how to configure wireless networking

How do you add a wired computer to a wireless network and be able to acces files over the network?

Connect a wireless network adaptor to the computer and configure the adaptor to connect to the wireless network that has the files you want to access.

If you have a wireless computer do you need to have a router to hook up to a printer if it is the second computer connected to it?

If the printer is connected to another computer via a cable, then you need something for the wireless computer to connect to. It would either have to connect to a wireless router or you could have a wireless card in the other computer and configure the two to talk to each other. But using a router is a far better solution. Then you can setup the printer as shared from the first computer and configure the two comptuers to be in the same workgroup and share it that way.

Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home?

Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home? Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home?

What accessories do you need to set up a wireless printer?

You can do it in at least two different ways. First one is to get a wireless router configure it properly for your particular wireless network. Of course, you will a wireless router. Second one is to connect your printer to a computer with wireless card, and share it using windows features (if you are using windows).

Can you use wireless printer with wireless computer?

Answer:Yes, but you first need a wireless router and your network configured.Next, install the drivers/software for your printer on your computer (check your printer manual for directions)Afterward, configure your printer to the wireless network. (this depends of the type of printer)

How can one make desktop PC into wireless computer?

It is very easy to make a desktop PC a wireless computer. One would need to purchase a wireless router from a place such as Walmart or Target and follow the instructions on their screen to configure the router with their device.

How do I connect a wireless computer to a dial-up network?

You need to get a modem with a wireless router in one piece, or if you have already a modem, get a wireless router connect it to the modem, configure it for your needs and you will be able to use wireless for your dial-up.

Can a different computer work with wireless from another computer?

Yes but please don't do that. Use a wireless switch or router.

How do I configure my Linksys wireless router?

You do not really have to configure a Linksys wireless internet router. It will do this automatically by picking up signals after you attach the Ethernet cable.

Why won't my computer won't connect to a wireless network?

Does it have a wireless card? Is the driver installed? Is your wireless access point on? Is the right password put in? Have you tried the card in a different computer? Different network?

What does wireless router setup consist of?

Nowadays wireless router setup is really easy. All you have to do is plug the router up to a your computer and insert the start up disk to configure the router,

Which combination is required to establish a connection to initially configure the Linksys WRT300N wireless access device?

Which combination is required to establish a connection to initially configure the Linksys WRT300N wireless access device? a computer configured in the same IP subnet as the WRT300N and a direct cable connection to it

How would to configure wireless properties on a workstation running Vista given that the workstation has a wireless NIC?

you configure by looking at your rear and you might find the light blinking on your NIC!

How do you install and configure Ethernet adapters in the computers of testing team?

Just like you would if you were configuring a laptop or desktop computer with an internal wireless card. Don't use the "Install" disk as 98 percent of consumer wireless Routers, adapters, etc, don't need it to "set it up". It just to use the extras they have. Just get the IP number and password from the manual to access the Adapter. Any web browser should work. Configure the computer as using Ethernet and then configure the Adapter. Just hook the Ethernet cable between the Adapter and computer and just configure it like you would any other wireless computer. If you already have a wireless computer it would be easier to use that one and just copy the settings over to it. Or just look at the router settings. Follow the manual instructions as each one is different. Basially, make sure DHCP is on and you spell the the "Network Name"(SSID), "Security/Encryption" (WPA/WPA2, etc) and "Password" EXACTLY. It is case sensitive.

Do I need a different wireless router if I can't access the webpages from my belkin 54 g?

Most likely you do not. What you need to do is to configure it properly.

Are wireless G cards compatible with N router?

Usually they are, you have configure the router for G wireless networks.

Is wireless or 100 base t easier to configure in a home?

Wireless tends to be easier to configure, as running the cables can be a complicated activity. However, wireless is inherently less secure without proper configuration, which many less-technical people overlook when configuring a wireless network.

Do you need wireless printer if you have wireless computer?

yes you do need a wireless printer for a wireless computer

How do you setup dsl router with wireless router?

You plug your wireless into dsl router (you'll need to configure your router), and then configure your computer to the wirelessJust get a lan cable which is usually ships with wireless routers. Connect one end of the cable in wireless router port which is called wan or intertet. Another end of the cable connect to your modem. Then restart the modem and the router. Sometimes you might need to change settings for internet coneection and DHCP server. But usually it's not required.

Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN?

configure setting to wireless N

Will VPNs work on both wired and wireless networks?

Yes it works with both. but you might need to configure your computer to encrypt the file you are sending when using wired networks,

How can you connect a computer wirelessly to a non-wireless modem?

You need to have a wireless router compatible with your wireless adapter and LAN cable of CAT-5 at least. Use the cable to connect the modem and the router, use WAN port of the router. After that configure the router for your needs. And you are ready to go.

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