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You'v a wireless network of 4 comupters running win xp and working well you just want to know how to configure another computer with router with cable you tryied lot to put different ips in TCP IP?


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January 26, 2008 8:41PM

If you have DHCP installed in automatic mode just connect to router and everything will work.

If you use manual configuration then make sure that all your PC(s) in the same sub-network. Address should like that: 192.168.(same number for all PCs).xxx (, xxx can be from 1 up to 254, and this number should be different for all PCs).

Also make sure that you PCs are in the same workgroup (win+Pause->Computer Name->Change). If you have to change the workgroup name you will have to restart your PC(s) after that.

After that press Start->Run. In run print "cmd". In cmd ping and (ans so on). It will check connection with itself and with another PC.